Baggage remains one of the main concerns of air passengers, including travelers on Air Moldova flights. How many suitcases you can take with you on flights operated by this airline, what rules apply to the weight and size of baggage, whether a suitcase with things for a baby is allowed without a separate place, how much will the excess cost : these and many other questions are always relevant, even for experienced tourists.

Allowable number and weight of hand luggage

Light flight is a rarity. At a minimum, you cannot do without a bag for documents or a laptop. As you know, most items contained in large or heavy suitcases and bags do not travel in the cabin, but as checked baggage, the permissible weight and dimensions of which are established by the carrier. This is why it is so important to have information: to know the latest free baggage allowance on the plane of the airline selected in the price of the paid ticket.

At Air Moldova, passengers are allowed to carry in the cabin a baggage of 8kg, which measures 115cm (50x40x25)cm, whether in Economy class (BASIC, OPTIMUM, COMFORT) or in Business class.

It is also possible for them to bring an extra bag. Check here the excess baggage rates offered by Air Moldova.

Checked baggage: How many suitcases and what is the maximum weight accepted?

For babies traveling without plane tickets, their parents can carry them necessary food which they cannot do without on board in addition to a folding stroller.

For the transport of baggage in the hold, the rule is different. Passengers who book their flights at the higher fares benefit from a higher allowance:






1 x 23kg


1 x 32kg

2 x 32kg

The total dimensions of this baggage must be less than or equal to 203cm.

Little travelers (babies under the age of two) are also entitled to carry checked baggage with a maximum weight of 10kg.

Additional (extra) baggage on the plane?

To be able to travel with more baggage, you have only one: Buy extra baggage. Air Moldova invites you to inflate your excess by buying excess online at a low price.

Packing and preparing your bags before taking the Air Moldova flight

The task of packing and preparing all the luggage, when you face a trip is practically obligatory. Especially when this trip is done by plane and you have to take into account different aspects so as not to have any surprises on arrival at the airport. Whether with checked baggage or hand baggage, it is important to know the conditions necessary to pass the controls and that your baggage appears correctly at your destination.

There are many types of baggage you can carry on a flight. From sports equipment to food, including medical supplies or medicines.

But what you normally put in the suitcase are clothes, shoes or the toiletry bag. And things don’t always go as you would like.

If you are going to transport liquids, remember that it must be in an airtight bag of no more than 1 liter and each container cannot exceed 100 ml. And electronics are best taken outside as you will need to take them out at the security checkpoint.

Another different issue is checked baggage. In order not to be afraid once at the airport, it is important that you follow the following advice:

– Always have your documentation, reservation and ticket information, medication, jewelery and valuables in your hand luggage;

– If, in addition, your baggage is exclusive (specific jewelry, high-tech electronics or other high-value items), it is recommended that you make a declaration of value at the airport. With this, if any part of the content disappears or is completely lost or appears to be badly damaged, you can recover the declared value;

– Label your luggage with your name and a phone number. Thus, the airline can easily locate you in case of loss of luggage;

– Always keep your boarding pass and receipt for the sticker on your suitcase when checking in at the airport.

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