What is the maximum weight allowed for hand or checked baggage at Air Mauritius? Consult this guide and read all the important information carefully so as not to have any surprises once you arrive at the airport.

Hand baggage (in the cabin): Weight, dimensions and conditions of carriage

With an A.M plane ticket, you can travel with one standard bag in economy class and two bags in business class with dimensions of 115cm 55cm x 35cm x 25cm.

Checked Baggage: Rules of Carriage on Air Mauritius Flights

Each Economy Class passenger is entitled to one piece of baggage weighing 23 kg and Business Class passengers are entitled to three pieces of baggage weighing 23 kg each.

Members of Kestrelflyer Elite and Kestrelflyer Plus will be entitled to an additional piece of 23 kg. Beyond the free excess, a flat rate will be charged as follows: for each piece of luggage weighing > 23 kg and within the limit of 32 kg. A flat rate of 100 Euros is charged on departure from Europe and a flat rate of 100 USD on departure from Mauritius.

Additional (Extra) baggage: Increase your allowance

Baggage transport rules at Air Mauritius are strict, however, the Mauritian airline still allows you to improve your allowance by offering you additional baggage at the best rates. Buy excess baggage online now and get 30% or more off their fares.

Tips to avoid losing your suitcases at the airport

Worrying about your luggage is a headache for any traveler. Surely many people feel a sense of discomfort when they tensely search for their suitcase on the airport conveyor belt. You can’t wait for your bag or mistakenly take someone else’s similar bag. Maybe you should tie a scarf on your suitcase in advance or attach a voluminous and bright keychain in order to immediately recognize your native luggage? Here are some tips that will help you avoid the risk of losing your luggage when arriving on your Air Mauritius operated flight:

– Choose a hard suitcase

It is logical to assume that a suitcase with a hard case is more profitable than a soft fabric bag. The hard surface will reliably protect the contents and confidently withstand knocks and drops, which, although rarely, occur when handling luggage.

A solid frame is especially necessary for suitcases with impressive dimensions. The fact is that they end up in a cargo container, and the process of loading and unloading many heavy objects, even with the most delicate handling, becomes a real test of strength.

– Avoid carrying too many accessories in your luggage

Belts, scarves, bright ribbons, … passengers decorate their bags with everything to make them visible and recognizable. Of course, such a suitcase can be easily and quickly recognized upon receipt. The question is that it is precisely because of these accessories that your cargo may not reach its destination. It is categorically not recommended to hang anything hanging or protruding from your suitcase. It is better if the body remains as smooth as possible.

– Don’t forget to tag your suitcases and other baggage

Signing your luggage seems like an elementary and logical action. But in practice, only one in four suitcases is equipped with contact information. At the same time, indicating the owner’s surname, telephone number, residential address significantly reduces the risk of loss. Even if an unfortunate confusion suddenly arises and the suitcase goes to the wrong destination, it will be redirected to the correct address much faster.

Undoubtedly, the label with your data should not be affixed inside the suitcase, but outside, on the visible part of the suitcase. It makes no sense to sign luggage from the inside, because in this case it will have to be opened to identify the owner.

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