How heavy should your hand luggage be to load into the cabin of the Air New Zealand aircraft? How much to measure?

Hand baggage allowance: Weight and size accepted by Air New Zealand

If you are traveling with the New Zealand company in Economy class, you can bring only one hand baggage of 7kg + one personal item which can be a handbag or a laptop bag.

If, on the other hand, you are traveling in Economy Premium or Business Premier class, you benefit from a double allowance, the weight limit of which is 14 kg for both pieces of luggage. (A single piece of luggage carried on board these cabins must not weigh more than 10kg.)

Regarding the size of your hand luggage, it must reach a maximum of 118cm by adding the measurements of the three dimensions: Length + Width + Height.

For your children (babies), you can take a bag containing their necessary food (to eat on board), as you can carry them strollers and car seats.

Hold baggage: How many pieces can you check in?

With regard to the carriage of baggage in the hold, it is permitted to check in between one and two or even three pieces of baggage at no additional cost, depending on the passenger’s fare class.

The maximum number or weight of baggage that each passenger is entitled to check in are defined according to the class of travel and the type of flight as well:

– Domestic flight

  • Seat + Bag, Flexi Time and Smart Saver: 1 x 23kg
  • Flexi Plus: 2 x 23kg

– International flight

  • Seat + Bag, The Works and Economy: 1 x 23kg
  • Works Deluxe and Premium Economy: 2 x 23kg
  • Business: 3 x 23kg

Each piece of checked baggage must display measurements of 158cm or less.

Passengers subscribed to the Koru rewards program are entitled to one additional piece of baggage.

The maximum weight of baggage placed in the hold (after adding a supplement) is limited to 32kg. Exceeding this weight, the baggage will be refused or will be routed to the airline’s cargo transport service.

In the event of excess weight, the passenger will be subject to penalties, but they can still avoid them by purchasing additional baggage in advance.

Take these data into account when organizing luggage, they are often very strict and if you arrive on time for the flight it becomes very tedious to have to reorganize everything.

Check-in counters already have a volumetric limitation measurement system, therefore, any hand luggage that exceeds the size allowed by said counters must be sent to the hold of the aircraft, as it cannot be located in the upper compartments of the passenger cabin or under the seats.

Purchasing excess (extra) baggage

This service is available from Air New Zealande. It is possible to travel with luggage that exceeds the weight or dimensions accepted by the New Zealand airline by purchasing a supplement.

Prepare your baggage well, the secret to traveling with peace of mind by plane

When the holidays are approaching and if you plan to travel by plane, you should consider these essential tips to prepare your hand luggage and not pay more on the plane. You will not only save money but also effort and your pocket will thank you, you know it’s a challenge but with these tricks you won’t fail in the attempt. Before you must check the policies of the airline to know what is the allowed weight in the baggage.

Although it seems easy and obvious, packing a suitcase can be complicated sometimes, especially when traveling by plane since there are objects that are not allowed and you cannot carry them in your carry-on or checked baggage. It is also necessary to check the airline fees as well as verify the dimensions of your luggage to avoid paying extra or worse, having to document it.

Tips and tricks for preparing your luggage going to the cabin

If you don’t want to pay extra on the Air New Zealand plane to carry extra weight in your hand luggage and save time going through airport security, check the backpack type or suitcase that you can carry, in this way you will avoid problems and you will not have to leave your luggage or buy one at the last minute.

Use all the spaces in the suitcase. The fewer holes you leave in the suitcase when packing, the better. To do this, roll up all your clothes and arrange them so that they take up less space. Avoid carrying shoes in your hand luggage and if so, make sure they are without platforms or heels, you can also take advantage of the interior to store small items.

Only pack what is necessary, for them you can check the weather of where you are going, so you won’t be carrying more. Also do not save a thousand magazines so as not to generate more weight. Use a universal or a solar cell.

– Remember to put and place your items in a light suitcase

The weight of the suitcase is important because if it is very large or has wheels or includes metal, the weight will be greater, it is better to choose a light bag or backpack, those made of fabric and without accessories are a good option because they don’t take away the possibility of wearing something that you will actually use. Believe it or not, bulky suitcases or with retractable handles or with closures everywhere can give you several grams more and with that you will have to pay on luggage.

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