For those who will soon be traveling with the airline Air Malta, they must know the travel conditions imposed by the Maltese company, among which are the conditions for transporting luggage.

Checked baggage: The transport rule is standard?

The Air Malta checked baggage you can take with you on the trip depends on the fare of your contracted flight, these are the baggage allowances depending on the fare:



Simply fly

Best Value


Spoil Yourself

Business Basic


Business Value

Business Anytime


In order to ensure the baby’s well-being and comfort on board, Air Malta authorizes his parents to take him with one piece of baggage weighing 10 kg knowing that he is traveling without a plane ticket reservation.

Hand Baggage: How many pieces and what is the weight allowed in the cabin?

Like checked baggage, Air Malta offers its passengers a baggage allowance which changes according to their flight fare:


Weight Size
Club Malta 1x15kg

20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm



As long as your hand luggage does not exceed the above conditions, it can be in any physical form, backpack, suitcase, small wheeled suitcase, etc. Luggage must be easily stowed in the compartment above the seats.

Any hand luggage that exceeds the dimensions will not be accepted as hand luggage and must be checked.

On Air Malta flights, in addition to hand luggage, you may take one additional item with you during the flight, including cameras, a small umbrella, netbooks, tablets, cases and bags.

Peace of mind during the trip is directly proportional to having prepared the luggage consciously and without haste. Take it as something exciting, the prelude to a great experience.

Here is a guide that helps you solve all your doubts and gives you advice on how to prepare the suitcase to travel by plane with Air Malta.

The choice of suitcase or backpack depends on your travel style and your destination. If you are going to make frequent trips during your trip, it is better that you carry a backpack. Good weather also allows you to save space in your luggage, although it never hurts to bring a small jacket as it is usually a little cold on the plane.

It is also important that you check your Air Malta airline’s baggage restrictions, to avoid paying more for packing your suitcase or backpack without giving feedback on what you were going to take with you.

If you have a suitcase and need to check it in, to avoid surprises, pack your most valuable items in a bag or backpack that you can take with you at all times, such as a camera or laptop . This rule also applies to your documentation, mobile, charger, adapter, …

Traveling with extra (additional) baggage: Buying excess

Air Malta authorizes you to improve the baggage allowance offered when booking your plane ticket by offering to buy a supplement, whether to increase the number of pieces carried on board the plane, or their weight.

It is possible to pay the cost of purchasing extra baggage online, to take advantage of an attractive discount (which can go up to 50%).

Pack your bags in advance

It is forbidden to pack your suitcases or backpack the day before the trip. The reason? It’s unnecessary stress. And you also risk neglecting details that you will miss later like a spare bathing suit or a toothbrush.

Make a list to prepare the travel suitcase in time and think about it, to add those little details that will make the difference in your trip.

Regarding clothing, a key item on the list, for a trip, whether shorter or longer, it is important to keep in mind that at some point you will find a laundry, you do not have so no need to take a lot of clothes. Above all, wear off-road and matching clothing.

And if you regularly take medication, it is also important that you calculate whether you can run out halfway through the trip, so that you can leave home with the necessary supplies.

Pack your baggage efficiently: Use these handy tips

Generally, it is practical to create compartments in the luggage of your choice. This way, it will not only be easier to pack and unpack your suitcase or backpack, but you will also avoid misplacing everything, especially fatigue and grief! They weigh you before you return.

A block can be the heaviest, which in the case of the suitcase will go to the bottom. Shoes that you should preferably put in an individual bag, some pants and a beach towel fall into this category. The central part can be the t-shirts, which you can roll up in a tube, a good trick to save space.

The most delicate clothes can be worn on it, protected in a fabric bag.

For the backpack, it is essential that the result of everything you put inside is uniform, to avoid discomfort when carrying it. For better weight distribution, it is useful to place the heaviest objects in the center. And, following the advice of fabric bags in the case of delicate garments in the suitcase, here we also recover the concept of the bag, in this case, to generate more defined compartments in the backpack.

When transporting liquids, they must always be well closed, if you are afraid that some will open, find a safer container. Also remember that, if you are traveling with hand luggage, each bottle must have a capacity of less than 100 ml, and all of them must be in a transparent bag with a capacity of less than one liter, which you must present at the control of security, so don’t leave it buried among the rest of the stuff.

In this section it is important to remember that on a trip to the Caribbean neither sunscreen nor mosquito repellent should be missing.

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