A passenger may take one item of hand baggage on board a flight served by Air Madagascar at his discretion if this weight meets the applicable baggage allowance: It must not exceed:

– 5kg in Economy class;

– 8kg in Premium class;

– 10kg in Business class.

Regarding the size of hand luggage, to be respected by the passenger, the total linear dimensions must not be greater than 115 cm, otherwise Air Madagascar reserves the right to send them in the hold.

Certain items may be carried free of charge in addition to the hand baggage allowance: a woman’s bag, a plastic bag, a coat, a scarf or a blanket, an umbrella or a walking stick, a small video camera, a laptop computer, binoculars, fingerprints for reading during the flight, a stroller, …

Titles and business papers, passports and other documents, medicines, fragile objects, jewellery, precious metals are recommended in Hand luggage.

Checked Baggage: How many pieces, and what are the weight and size limits?

Checked baggage allowance is determined by destination and class of flight. For adults and children over 2 years of Air Madagascar, it is detailed as follows:

– 32kg in Business class

– 23kg in Premium class

– 20kg in Economy class

In any case, the total linear dimensions of the baggage room must not exceed 158 cm for economy class and 203 cm for first class and business class.

Passengers of all classes are permitted to take unchecked baggage up to 10kg into the cabin included in the total free baggage allowance. Its linear dimensions should not exceed 115 cm.

When traveling on long-haul flights, passengers can carry double the allowance offered free of charge by the national carrier of Madagascar.

What baggage allowance is provided by Madagascar Airlines for small passengers?

A baby over the age of two benefits from a similar allowance to that offered to adult travellers. In addition, parents can carry a free stroller in the cabin or in the hold.

Buy extra baggage: Carrying pieces outside the allowance included in the reservation

If the weight and size of your luggage exceed the allowance offered by Air Madagascar, you must organize everything beforehand. Excess baggage is charged according to the baggage fees valid on the day of check-in of the baggage.

In accordance with fare regulations, payment of excess baggage credit is not permitted. Buy your supplements at half price online.

At your discretion, baggage may be checked in as unaccompanied baggage. In this regard, your baggage is accepted for carriage separately from the passenger and must be checked in advance as air cargo. Air Madagascar will make every effort to transport your unaccompanied baggage on the same aircraft.

Traveling with luggage by plane without having the headache

When you start packing for vacation, the list can become endless. Clothes, shoes, accessories, hygiene articles, etc. The fact is that you can’t fit everything in one suitcase, especially if you are going to travel by plane, because there are very marked regulations by companies, which seem to be increasingly complex and difficult to comply with.

Of course, although you inform yourself about the weight and measurements of hand luggage, it is normal that sometimes certain doubts arise, for example if you can take an extra bag, laptop bag or backpack with you.

Weight and size limits: You must know them before going to the airport

Find out about the weight and measurements allowed for carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowed on board Air Madagascar flights in which baggage allowances may vary depending on the class type of ticket you are purchasing.

You should know that the Malagasy airline allows you to carry luggage or other personal items in addition to your own hand luggage without having to pay an additional fee. For example, an umbrella, a coat, a walking stick, crutches, a garment bag, a handbag, a laptop computer or a bag of products purchased from Duty Free at the departure airport.

Plus, if you’re traveling with a baby, you can carry their food, drinks, and other items you need during the flight inside the bag. Other special baggage such as baby seats, collapsible strollers or wheelchairs are also allowed, but the company may ask you to put them in the aircraft hold.

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