If you are planning a trip with Air Italy, it is strongly recommended to consult the rules of its baggage transport policy:

– In the cabin (handbag)

With Air Italy it is possible to carry two pieces of hand luggage on board:

– One with a maximum weight of 8 kg and a maximum size of 55 cm in height, 40 cm in width and 20 cm in thickness;

– An accessory between briefcase, laptop or women’s handbag (maximum dimensions 40x30x15 cm).

If on boarding, your cabin will already be cluttered, it is possible that Air Italy will ask you to place your hand luggage (free of charge) in the hold of the plane.

Regarding the size of the first bag, the wheels and the handle should also be included.

Hand baggage that exceeds the permitted size or weight will be checked into the hold for an additional fee.

Purchases made at the airport can be taken on board and must be sealed.

Carriage of liquids in hand baggage

It is always recommended to carefully read the rules on liquids that can be transported in hand luggage and prohibited items in bags carried in the cabin, valid for each airline, which must be scrupulously respected in all regions of the world.

– In the hold (Checked Baggage)

Checked baggage can have a maximum size of 158 cm. The handle, pockets and wheels are included in the dimensions.

Depending on the trip and the type of ticket purchased, there are different weight allowances for baggage.

Classes of travel National flights (domestic)

International/intercontinental flights

Economy Light

/ /
Economy Classic 1 x 23kg

1 x 23kg

Economy Premium

2 x 23kg 2 x 23kg
Business Promo Flex /

2 x 32kg

Passengers accompanied by small children may carry a stroller or a fully collapsible seat to be checked in and stored in the hold or, if possible, brought into the cabin. If it is possible to carry the stroller as hand luggage, it can be carried in the cabin and placed under the front seat or in the storage compartments above it.

If the weight of the baggage exceeds the threshold set by Air Italy

It can have a maximum weight of 23 kg. If the package exceeds 23 kg and up to a maximum of 32 kg, an excess weight surcharge will be applied.

Put all your important documents in a handbag

It is important to have an accessory that allows you to have everything you need at hand during transfers. We refer to a bag or a backpack to access documents, a mobile phone or other things you may need on the plane without having to open a suitcase. Our essentials are always hand cream, lip balm, compression socks to improve blood circulation on long flights, a comfortable sleep mask and tissues.

Remember to take only what is essential for you as you will have this package with you under the seat on the plane. No need to go crazy, you can always buy some things you need once you reach your destination.

Prepare your luggage: Objects and articles not to be missed

You probably think packing is easy, especially if you are one of those who travel regularly, although we also know that sometimes with this idea we end up leaving things behind, on many important and necessary occasions.

It is obvious that clothes and shoes cannot be missing in your luggage, but it must be borne in mind that not all types of clothing are the best for traveling, especially depending on the destination.

Considering this, there are some things that cannot be missing in your luggage, which if you take them with you will allow you to travel much more comfortably and also light.

Lightweight clothes that don’t take up much space, it is the best option to travel comfortably.

A versatile jacket: You never know when it might be cold or rainy, even when the forecast is good.

A neutral color bag: If you are one of those who like to go together, nothing better than carrying a bag in a basic color like black, with which you will always go in tune.

The same thing we commented on the bag is for the shoes. Black, white or gray are the most adaptable.

Comfortable shoes: There are no excuses here. There is nothing worse when traveling than having sore feet.

Underwear: It is not necessary to change clothes every day, this way you will save space and weight. You can wash every day after showering. If you love hats and are traveling to a hot destination, picking one up never hurts.

Clothes made of fabrics that are easy to wash and dry quickly. This will allow you to carry fewer clothes and be able to wash on the go.

Check your luggage at least once

We know it’s not exactly a thing as such, but we also know how important it is to travel light and we assure you that doing this review will give you extra space when deleting things until after having analyzed it, you will see that they are not necessary.

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