The airline Air Greenland adopts its rules regarding the quantity, size and weight of hand luggage carried on board its cabins.

Knowing all the information relating to the weight limit of this operator’s cabin bag is an essential step in avoiding problems and the risk of boarding bans or the payment of penalties.

There are many aspects to consider when traveling by air, including proper documentation and baggage check-in.

This guide collects all the information related to the size of the cabin/checked suitcase and the weight limit of the airline Air Greenland:

– Hand baggage allowance details (In Cabin)

If you are traveling with this company, you can only take one piece of luggage free of charge in Economy class and two pieces in Business class.

The 55 x 40 x 23 cm suitcase or bag must not weigh more than 8 kg.

Apart from the part carried in the cabin, Air Greenland nevertheless authorizes the transport of certain items free of charge such as objects/items purchased in Duty Free shops at airports, small handbag, camera, cane, etc.

Checked baggage: Number of pieces, dimensions and weight limits

The maximum piece per passenger in the hold cannot exceed 20 kilograms when booking your flight with the Takuss, Standard or Standard Flex (Economy Class) fare.

On the other hand, the weight accepted on flights operated in Business class (with the Premium or Premium Flex fare) is 30kg. For these, they can take advantage of this allowance by carrying two or more bags weighing 30kg (A single suitcase displaying this weight is not accepted).

Babies (aged two years or less) are also entitled to a piece of luggage of 10kg + a stroller or a car seat.

Bulky baggage, oversized or extra/additional pieces of baggage?

However, it is possible to increase the number of baggage carried in the cabin or in the hold for those who wish to fly with more baggage on board a flight served by Air Greenland. They only need to purchase excess baggage online at My Booking.

Traveling with Hand Luggage Only: Tips and Advice for Packing and Packing

Do you always pack a large suitcase that you check in and an extra small bag as hand luggage for the plane itself? Did you know that it is much cheaper, easier and faster to travel only with hand luggage? Yes, of course you knew that, but you’re probably wondering how exactly to do that in practice?

You may have less space, but with some handy tips for packing your carry-on, it usually works.

Maximum suitcase dimensions: Observe the restrictions

The maximum dimensions of your hand luggage differ slightly from one airline to another, but in general, you can take with you a piece of luggage up to 55cm x 40cm x 25cm. Always check this with the airline Air Greenland, because sometimes the dimensions are smaller or larger or you can also take two pieces of luggage with you. Also consider the maximum weight. In the case of Air Greenland, it is 8kg.

Bring clothes (only what you will need during the flight)

You only have limited space in your hand luggage, so you can’t take your entire wardrobe with you. So bring only the clothes you really need. You can bring your new dress or a good shirt just in case, but if you’re more likely not to wear it, it’ll just take up space.

You really don’t need six pairs of pants if you’re only traveling for a week. As long as there’s no mud or wine stain on them, you can wear these pants multiple times, and a t-shirt can be left out for a day so you can put them back fresh the next day.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them

Don’t just throw your clothes in your suitcase or bag, roll them up nicely. By rolling it up, you evacuate most of the air, so it takes up less space. Don’t just roll up your pants and shirts, but also your socks and underwear. These little things are always slightly smaller when rolled up than when you fold them in the normal way.

If you want to bring an extra thick sweater for colder days or nice loose pants for the evening, it’s best to wear them on the plane. The thicker the garment, the more space it takes up in your suitcase, so if you choose to wear it on the plane, you just have a little more room to take that nice shirt with you, for example. Also, it is sometimes quite cold on the plane, so a thick sweater is only helpful.

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