Prepare your luggage before boarding the plane? This is often the crux of the matter, what can give you headaches. It should be assumed that in air travel, whether you travel with Air Europa or with another airline, luggage is restricted and limited.

Hand Baggage

This is what is usually called “hand luggage”; what you take with you in the aircraft cabin. Normally, carry-on baggage is limited to one suitcase, of small dimensions, which is placed in the overhead compartment and one smaller item, such as a handbag, briefcase or backpack, which you can place under the seat.

The minimum allowance for air tickets marketed by Air Europa includes the check-in of a 23 kg suitcase and a 10 kg hand baggage.

However, what you can take in your cabin baggage on board Air Europa flights will depend on your class of travel or your itinerary: Short, Medium or Long Haul.

In economy class, you are entitled to:

A luggage of 10kg with a size of 115cm: 55cmx35cmx25cm in addition to a handbag measuring 85cm: 35cm x 30cm x 20cm.

In Business class, you can take:

A piece of luggage with a weight of 14kg and an additional bag with the same size indicated above.

– Carry liquid products in the handbag

To carry gel, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hairspray, perfume, make-up or other liquid products in your hand luggage, the general regulations state that you must carry them in small containers of no more than 100 ml each.

A maximum of ten containers per traveler is permitted and all must be placed in a clear zippered or self-closing bag.

Checked baggage: Number of pieces, their weight and size

Each passenger booking a flight with Air Europa is entitled to the following baggage allowance:


Weight Flights to


1 x 23kg

All destinations

2 x 23kg

Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil


2 x 23kg Destinations in Europe
3 x 23kg

Africa, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.

2 x 32kg United States
3 x 32kg


Traveling with excess baggage on Air Europa flights

Baggage transport is undoubtedly one of the biggest headaches for most travelers, and it is really difficult to select which are these essential elements that will accompany us on a trip.

Whether for holidays or for professional reasons. For this reason, many travelers find it necessary to bring additional baggage beyond that which was checked in at the time of purchase of the airline ticket.

Extra Baggage: How much does an excess at Air Europa?

For short-haul flights, such as national inter-island flights, the price of each additional suitcase up to 32 Kg respecting the maximum dimensions of 158 cm will be 15€ if the reservation has been made or 20€ if the baggage is recorded the same day.

On medium-haul flights Air Europa will allow you to check in up to two additional bags weighing up to 32 kg at a cost of 50€ each with reservation or 60€ if checked in on the same day of air travel.

The price from the third piece of luggage is 100€ each or 150€ if checked in on the same day.

So these prices are charged when you buy your supplements at the airport, however, if you do it online you save up to 50% of the price.

Comply with Air Europa’s baggage restrictions: Check the weight and measurements of your suitcases in advance

When purchasing tickets, as different ticket prices reflect different baggage allowances and once you have purchased your ticket there is no turning back. As you can imagine, the less luggage included, the cheaper the reflected price will be. At Air Europa, there is the possibility of adding an additional suitcase.

Each company has its own baggage rules, which consist of baggage dimensions and maximum weight allowed. If you are traveling with Air Europa, be aware that the Spanish airline limits cabin baggage and checked baggage.

It is therefore advisable to check the measurements and weight of the suitcases accepted by this air carrier before heading to the airport.

The choice of suitcases or travel bags is a personal matter. There are even small suitcases that fit in the space under the seat, which can be useful to avoid fighting for your suitcase’s place in the overhead compartment.

In this regard, it is very advisable to be proactive and bring a folded bag that does not take up much space, because in the event that they need our hand luggage to check in, due to lack of space, we may be able to have valuables with us, and place it under the seat. In addition, like other airlines, Air Europa indicates that valuables should not be checked in, as well as fragile items such as decorative glass objects or electronic devices.

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