Air China is the national airline of the People’s Republic of China. It was established in 1988 and its main hub is Beijing International Airport.

How much baggage Air China passenger is allowed to carry on their flights:

In Cabin: Hand Baggage and Carry-On

Your class of travel determines how many coins you can carry in the cabin:

  • First & Business Class: 2 x 8kg
  • Class Eco/Eco Premium: 1 x 5kg
  • Dimensions Limits: 115cm (55 x 40 x 20)

Baggage whose weight and size do not correspond to those authorized by the Chinese company are systematically transferred to the hold, and transported as checked baggage.

In the hold: Checked Baggage 

The number of bags you can check in depends on your class and fare. Air China Airline unveils baggage allowance details:

  • First class: 1 x 40kg
  • Business class: 1 x 30kg
  • Premium Economy/Economy: 1 x 20kg

These are passengers who take domestic flights served by Air China with access to this allowance. Travelers traveling on international lines benefit from higher weights and additional piece counts:

  • First class: 2 x 32kg
  • Business class: 2 x 23kg
  • Premium Economy/Economy: 1 x 23kg (It is possible to check in an extra piece of baggage when booking flights serving the Americas, the Caribbean (apart from Hawaii) and Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia (except when flying to Japan, Pakistan, Singapore and Kazakhstan), Europe, Africa and Southwest Pacific and Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, Kazakhstan, South West.

Children are also to travel with checked baggage of 10kg on domestic flights and 23kg on international/intercontinental flights.

Carry more suitcases: Add extra luggage

Adding additional baggage, such as a carry-on or personal item, is free. You may be charged if you exceed the weight limit.

Buying extras online is often cheaper than paying extra excess baggage charges at the airport.

The maximum weight accepted in the cabin is 40kg while the size of each piece cannot be greater than 203cm (by adding the supplement).

Traveling on a China Airlines Plane: Tips for Packing Your Luggage

Do not carry extra baggage. Check the number and type of suitcases you are allowed to carry according to your ticket. Before leaving, check the weight of your luggage to avoid overweight charges.

Some items are prohibited in hand luggage: Check it before arriving at the checkpoint at the airport

In general, the entry of firearms, knives, razors, scissors, scalpel blades, arrows, cues, bats, etc. is not allowed.

Don’t lose sight of your bags

And don’t take orders from people you don’t know. Take care of your luggage and put a badge on it for easy recognition.

Baggage lost at the airport: How to react to which procedure to carry out

Whether the baggage is lost, arrives late or is damaged, there is a right to financial compensation which may be greater if the suitcase does not show up. To do this, the incident must be registered and a complaint lodged at the airport itself.

Do not leave the airport without reporting the problem

The important thing is not to leave the airport without first filing a complaint. If the bag does not leave through the baggage carousel, the user must go to the counter of his airline and ask for a Baggage Irregularity Report (PIR) which he must complete, as indicated by the Organization of Consumers and Users. In case the airline’s counter is not open, you can contact a representative or an agent at the airport itself.

Once you have completed this information and registered the incident, you must present a copy of the PIR and the claim to the counters of the company with which you contracted your flight. The OCU provides a model of this document and, in addition, recommends confirming the claim later by sending a letter to the company’s customer service.

In the event that the airline’s counter is not open at the time of the incident, you can use the telephone, e-mail or contact the airport authority of the place where the traveler is.

What and how much to claim from China Airlines in case of lost baggage?

Travelers who arrive without their suitcase are forced to buy the goods they were carrying and which they need. For this reason, the first thing is the right to be paid for any urgent product and that you have to buy, especially if you are going to a tourist destination and you have to spend money on clothes, swimsuits and shoes.

For this reason, it is important to keep and present product receipts and give them to the company to record the economic loss suffered. Although the suitcase does not appear until a few days later, the airline China Airlines must compensate for these expenses declared by the traveler. If the baggage never shows up, compensation for the value of the baggage itself is added to this aforementioned compensation, which is calculated on the basis of kilos of weight.

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