Royal Air Maroc allows its passengers to board with hand luggage and a backpack, handbag or briefcase. However, the Moroccan carrier provides them with an allowance through which it determines the maximum weight and dimensions of baggage allowed on its planes, whether those that are brought into the cabin, or those that are checked in and placed in the hold. .

– Hand Baggage: What is the weight and size limit for carry-on?

1 x 10kg for all fares and travel classes; Dimensions : 115cm (55x40x20)

– Checked Baggage: Maximum size and weight limit according to RAM rules

Between 1 and 3 bags is the number of pieces authorized on flights served by Royal Air Maroc. It depends primarily on class of service:


Business Safar Flyer (Silver ; Gold, Ambassador)
Flight to/from Maroc and Europe 1 x 23kg (not available on some routes) 2 x 23kg

Be able to check in an additional piece of baggage weighing 23 kg

All destinations except United States, Canada, Middle East and Africa 1 x 23kg

2 x 23kg

Flight to/from United States, Canada, Middle East and Africa

2 x 23kg

3 x 23kg

Flight to/from Qatar

2 x 23kg 2 x 32kg

Be able to check in an additional piece of baggage weighing 23 kg in Economy Class(and 32kg in Business Class)

Extra Baggage: Buy your excess at half price online

Carrying additional baggage on a RAM flight is always possible by paying an additional baggage charge. Buying them online in manage booking section is cheaper than at the airport.

Prepare your baggage: Learn how to pack your bags before departure

One of the basic tips is to investigate where you are going to go, it is clear that traveling to Morocco is not the same as traveling to India. There are some destinations where it is easier to predict the weather, but in others anything can happen.

Choose your favorite destination and book one of our apartments to make your adventure more comfortable.

Packing your bag early will give you plenty of time to organize it well according to the weather you can do in the place you are going to go. Looking at the weather forecast a few days in advance will give you a better idea of whether you’ll be able to hit the beach or whether you’ll need to cover up like an onion. And you can throw away the things you put in the suitcase that just take up space most of the time. Now you will have enough space to put all the gifts you will need to buy on your trip.

– You can postpone the purchase of some items until you arrive at your destination

It is also better to buy cosmetics or toiletries where you are going, you can buy this stuff in any supermarket or pharmacy. These products are usually very inexpensive to use and dispose of, which makes them more convenient and does not take up space. If you are traveling in a group, it will always be cheaper to buy these products together, this way you can enjoy what you have purchased and not waste it.

Otherwise, it is best to check the weather forecast two days before, although you can travel to two different places on the same day where the weather is different, in this case the most appropriate thing would be to put on more layers. Summer clothes can still be worn under what we wear over, but you will have more clothes on top in case it gets cold. Some designers help us solve this problem by creating clothes with zippers, buttons or Velcro, with which long pants can be transformed into shorts at any time. It is very useful.

No need to make life difficult for us to pack suitcases, buy removable clothes or cosmetics, but be careful on the plane, because we all know how demanding flight attendants can be when traveling with luggage. It is also very important not to wear too many shoes because of their weight and the space they take up.

It would be perfect for you to have one or two pairs, that for girls they combine with everything, and that they are comfortable. Once you have the shoes ready, you can see what clothes to put in the suitcase so that everything matches. Do the same with the coats or the different accessories you wear.

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