The baggage policy on board Cyprus Airways flights needs to be clarified. If you have any questions regarding your allowances included in your bookings with the Cypriot airline, please just follow this guide.

– Hand Baggage: Weight and size of handbags in the cabin

Hand luggage or cabin luggage: this is what you can take with you inside the plane. You can use the trunk above the seats, or under the seat in front of you without obstructing the aisle so you can get up and get out quickly.

With the two fares available from Cyprus Airways, Economy Basic and Economy Flex; you can carry one piece of hand luggage that does not exceed 10 kilos.

Also, you need to check the dimensions, because this luggage is cabin and must fit in the compartments or under the seat almost on your feet. The maximum size of baggage carried in the cabin cannot be greater than 75cm / 35x20x20 in Eco Basic, and 115cm (55x40x20) in Eco Flex knowing that with this rate, you have the possibility of another additional piece of baggage in the cabin of 75cm.

– Checked Baggage: Cyprus Airways weight and dimension rules

Logically, passengers cannot benefit from the same franchise. Travelers choosing to fly in Economy Class are entitled to a lower allowance compared to that offered to passengers traveling in Business Class:

Economy Basic: 1 x 10kg

Economy Flex: 1 x 32kg

Baggage size: In the hold, the accepted limits are 203cm.

Buy an Extra: What if your baggage exceeds the weight or size permitted by Cyprus Airways?

It may happen that your ticket price includes only one piece of baggage which should not weigh too much, and let’s say you need to carry more baggage, Cyprus Airways still gives you the chance to change your allowance by improving the suggested weight. For this you must buy a supplement whose cost varies between 35 and 60 Euros.

Medication in hand baggage?

As for medicines and medical equipment, cooling gel packs, medical equipment, medicines and pills, liquid medicines and syrups, hypodermic syringes, inhalers are allowed. Oxygen cylinders should be checked with the airline. Scalpels and sharp elements of a medical nature are prohibited.

Bring sports equipment into the cabin?

You are prohibited from bringing into the cabin of the aircraft bats, rackets or sports sticks, billiard cues or golf clubs, darts, hiking sticks, ice skates, canes fishing gear, firearms including replicas, harpoons or guns. diving equipment, crossbows, bows and arrows, javelins, slingshots and slingshots, crampons, ice axes and ice picks, sabers, swords and sword sticks, kayak and canoe paddles.

Traveling with hand baggage: What can be carried in the suitcase

When the holidays begin, be it summer or winter holidays, millions of passengers are about to take a few days off. Some may travel with Cyprus Airways to one destination, both within and outside the country and in these cases you should be very careful in preparing your luggage.

For many people, packing the suitcase is boring and in itself complicated to understand depending on the airline’s policies regarding allowed measurements, but especially hand luggage.

Among the most common doubts of the majority of passengers, there is that of not knowing how much must measure and weigh the luggage that can be taken in the cabin of the plane, what are the things that are forbidden to carry in Handbag.

At the time of check-in, such baggage may be weighed or measured by the company, according to the limits established by each airline. If you don’t meet the requirements, you can pay for overweight or oversize, similar to checked baggage.

In addition to a handbag, a briefcase or a small suitcase, the passenger can take with him or under the front seat, except in the seats from the emergency exits and in the first row:

A coat or blanket; an umbrella; camera; notebook; binoculars; reading material for travel; small duty-free bag; baby food to be consumed during the trip if you are traveling with children; crutches or splints used by the passenger or other equipment as long as they can pass through the x-ray equipment at security stations.

Boarding with hand baggage: What can you put in it?

Liquids can be carried on domestic flights, but on international flights the limit is ten containers of a maximum of 100ml each. However, after the security check, you can buy drinks, for example. Food can still be brought, but if it is fresh like fruits and vegetables, it cannot be taken down to the destination but must be consumed on the plane.

It is important to note that money, documents, electronic devices, jewelry, spare clothes and other valuables should never be shipped, but always carried in the hand luggage.

The transport of medicines is authorized, in this case they could request a medical prescription that certifies the use for the passenger during the flight. Finally, and only if you are traveling with minors, you can board the plane with food for them.

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