For your next trip with Air China, you must book a plane ticket but also find out about the baggage allowance included in your travel ticket.

Special regulations apply for baggage allowance. Better to be informed to avoid any inconvenience at check-in.

The regulations are not the same whether it is a domestic flight or an international flight, and in the latter case, it differs depending on the class of the ticket.

Handbag: Learn about Air China policy

On flights operated by Air China, the size of cabin baggage must not exceed 55cmx40cmx20cm.

– On an international line

For a flight serving an international destination, it is possible to bring up to 2 cabin bags of less than 8 kg each if you have a First Class or Business Class ticket. Travelers flying in Economy Class can carry only 1 piece of baggage weighing less than 5 kg.

– On a domestic line

For a national flight, passengers with a First Class or Business Class ticket can carry up to 2 pieces of cabin baggage, the weight of each not exceeding 5 kg. In Economy Class, it is permitted to carry 1 piece of cabin baggage weighing less than 5 kg.

Checked Baggage: Can you check in one or two or more bags?

Are you traveling with Air China soon? Are you interested in know their checked baggage and carry-on baggage requirements, take a look below.

The weight of each piece of checked baggage is limited to 32 kg, if it weighs more than this, it must be separated into two parcels.

The sum of the length, width and height of each piece cannot be greater than 203 cm and cannot be less than 60cm.

The amount of checked baggage a passenger can take with them varies depending on the fare contracted and whether or not they are entitled to PhoenixMiles benefits. Additionally, all passengers may carry up to six additional pieces at an additional charge for each.

First Class or Business Class passengers with an adult or child ticket are entitled to two pieces of baggage of 32 kg each.

Economy class passengers are allowed 1 piece of baggage up to 23 kg, if traveling on an Air China operated route that includes Japan or sixth freedom right routes that transit to America, they are allowed two baggage maximum 23 kg each.

Passengers with a baby ticket are entitled to 1 piece of baggage up to 23 kg and a folding stroller or baby cot free of charge.

Additional checked baggage in Air China’s hold

Despite the strict rules, it is still possible to check in more baggage in the hold, and this by paying an additional fee. Buying a supplement online is much cheaper than at the airport.

Choosing a good suitcase helps to prepare your luggage

It is important to use the right suitcase for the type of trip and it is also advisable to have several or to have backpacks suitable for all trips. Aspects to take into account to know how to pack and, above all, which suitcase to choose.

– Soft or rigid suitcase

Rigid ones protect your luggage better but weigh more and the space is reduced. Hoses offer less protection but weigh less and have more usable space.

– Your suitcase should be with or without wheels?

With wheels they allow not to carry the weight but the wheels add extra weight and take up space.

Packing suitcases and baggage before flying with Air China: Mistakes to Avoid

When traveling, baggage regulations must be respected because, in addition to the restrictions that exist, space is limited. If you are traveling with a single package, the maximum weight on board Air China flights is 13kg (8kg of hand luggage + 5kg of a handbag).

Some mistakes are always made by passengers when packing their baggage

Here is the list of mistakes that are commonly made:

– Not informing you of the baggage conditions of the company;

– Fill the backpack or suitcase to the limit;

– Not informing you about your travel destination;

– Last minute packing;

– Store your clothes without any order;

– Not knowing the airport’s cash policy;

– Carry valuables unprotected;

– Choosing the wrong suitcase;

– Travel without the essentials;

– Not planning in advance what you are going to take.

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