The Air Cairo baggage allowance means the limit in weight or quantity of baggage included in the price of the plane ticket which can be transported in the hold.

Baggage weight or quantity limit

The Air Cairo baggage allowance means the limit in weight or quantity of baggage included in the price of the plane ticket which can be transported in the hold.

How many suitcases and what weight not to exceed depends on two elements: the class of travel and the destination:

– Baggage in the cabin (hand) and in the hold (checked)



Handbag Checked Baggage


Egypt-Middle East



1 x 7 kg

1 x 30kg

158 cm


1 x 23kg

Flight to Milan

1 x 30kg


1 x 20kg

Charter flight

1 x 20kg
Domestic flight 1 x 32kg


If you are traveling with a child under the age of two, you can carry 10kg of baggage for them in the hold.

Carrying additional baggage

You can purchase additional checked baggage via the hotline or alternatively at the airport before departure. But this option is the most expensive. It is therefore preferable to purchase additional baggage online.

Prepare your baggage for air travel with Air Cairo

Still don’t know the tips for packing the perfect suitcase? Knowing how to do it right can mean the difference between having an enjoyable trip or turning it into a nightmare. Do not forget anything, take advantage of the space and preserve the content are the objectives of these recommendations. Because thanks to a better organization of your suitcase, you can carry everything you need and optimize the space you have.

Some suitcases have the two parts completely symmetrical to put two blocks, and others, on the other hand, have a deeper hole and on one side a grid or a smaller hole, ideal for underwear, shoes, pajamas, …

There are three types of suitcases or luggage: Handbag or object; personal; Carry-on or cabin baggage and Warehouse or check-in bag.

Make a list of things to bring in your suitcase

The most important thing is to make a list with everything you need to take with you in your suitcase. Without a doubt, being able to make a checklist and cross out what you put in the suitcase saves you a lot of headaches in case you forget something at your destination. This is very useful in case of last minute packing, which is very common. This way you avoid leaving anything important for our trip home.

Gather in your suitcase the necessary items you want

Place it on a flat surface, such as a table, desk or your bed. And next to the list you can check that you have everything you need. This way you will see everything at a glance and you can organize it better.

If your suitcase has straps with a clip, use this space to put your clothes. If your suitcase has a mesh area with a zipper, use this space to place irregular items that may be loose. For example, extra shoes, a toiletry bag, underwear, electronics, … so it goes more about.

Putting clothes in the suitcase: Here is the best method

Fold your clothes: Once you have everything organized on a surface and all the clothes you want to take with you, you just have to fold each of the upper clothes, such as shirts, t-shirts, ….

Then stretch all the pants, dresses, … and place them on top of each other. When they are all, place the first block with the folded shirts in the center of the pants. Now you roll up both ends to close and protect t-shirts which are the garments that wrinkle the most easily.

Save the entire block: Take the block that has been compacted into the suitcase. This way, you can easily remove them once you arrive at your destination.

Use the vacuum packaging technique

It is undoubtedly the best way to carry a large amount of clothing and make the perfect suitcase while taking up very little space. Although yes, be careful with the weight because you can get almost double the content but the weight remains the same.

All you have to do is put each large item of clothing in a bag prepared to vacuum seal the clothing. You can find them in online stores. You just have to search for them by bags for vacuum packing clothes and you will see many models.

These bags have a particularity, it is that they integrate a nozzle to be able to extract the air once the garment is inserted. Some bags come with a small exhaust fan similar to a bicycle pump. And others, have a special hole for vacuum cleaners. By simply inserting the nozzle and turning on the vacuum cleaner, in a few seconds we will have our garment completely vacuum packed.

This is really useful for very bulky garments such as coats, down jackets, … Only that when you take them out you will have to iron them, because they will have creased a lot.

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