The travel offers and plane tickets offered by Air Algerie include different baggage allowances, each of which depends on the price of the reservation or the class or even the travel link.

The baggage allowance included in the plane ticket implies the number, size and weight of the piece or pieces that the passenger can take in the cabin or check in the hold:

Hand luggage: Weight and size

On international flights, the hand baggage allowance is set at 10kg. Passengers can however carry cabin baggage with the same weight when taking domestic flights, however, if the flight is operated by ATR, they can only take one hand baggage of 5kg.

Cabin baggage must display the following maximum measurements: Height: 35cm, Width: 55cm, Thickness: 25cm.

For flights operated by ATR, the size of hand luggage must be less than or equal to 90cm (30x40x20)cm.

How much baggage to check in the hold?

One to two bags are offered to passengers taking Air Algérie flights in Economy class and up to three bags can be checked in by customers traveling on board Business or First class.

The weight of the suitcase is fixed at 23kg but a supplement can be purchased by the passenger to check a piece whose weight can go up to 32kg.

Air Algerie offers you its online baggage calculator, with which you can display the authorized weight on your next connection by selecting your departure city, your destination and your travel cabin (Economy, Business, First).

– Baggage for children: How many kilos to carry for little travelers

Babies between 0 and 2 years old are also entitled to a piece of 10kg baggage on all flights served by Air Algerie

Your baggage exceeds the authorized weight? Quickly buy an extra

Any baggage purchased in addition generates penalties which are sometimes heavy. This is why Air Algerie invites its travelers to weigh their luggage before boarding, and offers them to improve their allowance by buying additional kilos online on Manage My Booking.

Prepare your luggage for your next flight with Air Algerie: Take only the essentials

How to organize a small travel suitcase? You’re probably worried about not being able to carry everything you need in terms of clothes, so you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to calculate a different outfit for every day.

In this sense, put your creativity into practice and try to compose as many outfits as possible with as few clothes as possible.

The best way to pack is to take into consideration those small items that might come in handy on your trip. Do not forget anything, keep in mind that the details are important, for example: umbrella, mobile phone charger, scarves, bags to return dirty clothes, earplugs, toilet paper and sunscreen. But if there’s something you’re not sure you’re wearing, don’t bring it.

Storing shoes in the luggage: You must always be vigilant

For starters, all heavy items like shoes and cosmetics go first. This is essential if you are looking for how to pack the perfect travel suitcase. Don’t forget to isolate the shoes in bags so as not to dirty the rest of the equipment. It’s all on the side of the wheels, so when you lift it up, nothing gets crushed.

Don’t wear too many shoes. It is what weighs the most and takes up the most space, limit yourself to what is comfortable and essential. You will surely notice gaps between your shoes that you can fill with belts and other accessories. The same goes for the inside of the shoes, you can take advantage of these protected spaces to place fragile accessories.

Take liquids in baggage

How to pack a suitcase to travel where liquids are not widespread everywhere? The first thing is that, it is totally possible! The trick is to pack a bag with a waterproof material that does not allow liquids or creams to spill inside the bag. In this bag you will place all the bottles that can dirty, stain or fall on your clothes and shoes.

For extra protection, line shampoos, creams and perfumes with bags or Ziploc. Remember that Aeromexico generally only allows you to carry ten bottles of 100ml each.

Certain items are prohibited in baggage

Like flammable or sharp items such as scissors and knives, other objects are prohibited in baggage accepted in the cabin and in the hold, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Air Algerie ruled on the prohibition of the transport of Samsung Galaxy Note7. Due to the events involving the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones, this device is prohibited from being carried on all Air Algerie flights as checked baggage, either in the hold or in the cabin as baggage. carry-on or take it with you. This is a measure to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

Store your suitcase well to save space

In order to get there, you have to think about rolling your clothes. It is an alternative that responds to the way of folding clothes to make a suitcase. The way you store your clothes in closets suits this space, but in suitcases they take up an exaggerated amount of space that can be put to better use. If you don’t have clothes that can wrinkle, one way is to roll up your t-shirts, sweaters, and more. Roll them up and you’ll see they take up less space.

Prepare your children’s luggage

Parents tend to get stressed easily as many don’t know how to pack for traveling with kids. But calm down, it’s not far from packing an adult suitcase. To leave nothing out, make an exhaustive list of everything you might need for your little one.

On this occasion, not only should you include clothes, but also add some toys in order to entertain you once at your destination. In addition, it includes their usual medications, if any, as well as others recommended when traveling with children: ear drops, insect repellent cream, disinfectants, thermometer and fever and allergy medications.

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