Traveling with checked baggage according to Aer Lingus regulations? Even though it is doable to weigh your luggage at the airport, you can still avoid the stress by weighing your suitcase yourself before you leave. It is indeed the ideal way to go home with peace of mind so as not to encounter any unpleasant surprises when checking in your luggage.

But first of all, you must check with your company to find out the weight limit. In the hold, the maximum authorized weight is 10 kg (Maximum size: 55cmx40cmx24cm) in the cabin.

But, if you book your flight with a basic fare, you may not be offered any hand baggage allowance, and in this case you must buy cabin baggage, offered from €6.

If you are traveling on a regional flight, or you are taking an Emerald Airlines flight, the baggage allowance offered in the cabin is limited to 7kg (Maximum size: 48cmx33cmx20cm) per passenger.

Otherwise, you can send it to the hold for free and you get it back as soon as you get off the plane.

On Aer Lingus flights, you are entitled to take one small personal item (25cmx33cmx20cm) including a handbag or laptop bag regardless of your seat fare.

To check the weight of your luggage, you can use a luggage scale, a bathroom scale or even a suitcase with an integrated scale.

Passengers traveling on Aer Lingus lines are not permitted to travel with heavy baggage under any circumstances. The holds of the aircraft operated by the Irish airline only accommodate hand luggage which cannot be taken into the cabin.

It is important to remember that travelers traveling with hand luggage, not reported during check-in, must pay a fee of €35 to obtain authorization to place it in the hold.

It is possible to pay through your smartphones (using the QR code) via the Global Payments online payment service.

Secure the suitcase for a quiet trip on board

Obviously, to properly secure your luggage during travel, the most important element is certainly the quality of the suitcase. A suitcase made of quality materials allows you to protect and secure your belongings.

In the majority of cases, suitcases usually have a code locking system, but however, we always tend to think that it is not enough. So to optimize the security of your belongings you can lock the closures of your suitcases with a TSA padlock.

Apart from using a padlock, you also have other devices to secure your suitcases and belongings. Namely plastic packaging films, or protective covers for suitcases.

– Label the suitcase

During your travels, each suitcase you want to take needs to be labelled. This label can be retrieved online if you want to print it at home, or at the interactive dispensers at the airport.

Untagged baggage is not registered in the databases and its owner will not be able to retrieve it. When you label your luggage, you must stick the three self-adhesive barcodes on the different sides of your suitcases. You must also attach an address label that contains your contact details to the outside of your suitcase. Even more important, you must also place in a pocket inside your suitcase a business card containing your identities.

Packing toiletries: What’s the best solution?

You are probably wondering how to lighten your suitcases. Your toiletries, make-up and beauty items need to be reviewed. Take only the essential products that you would not be able to acquire on site.

Aer Lingus airlines require that each liquid must be put in a 100ml container. These containers should be packed in a clear plastic bag. However, it is forbidden to fill the containers since the baggage will be placed in a non-pressurized compartment, and the containers can open and spill over your belongings during the flight.

To avoid sticky, slimy spills in your luggage, put each container in a well-sealed individual bag. For the packaging of your toiletries, the best technique is to opt for multi-purpose products.

How to put accessories in the suitcase?

You are surely not going to leave your valuables or fragile items behind. You can transport them safely by following a few tips.

Use travel storage, jewelry storage to put your necklaces or other valuables to simplify packing. Place these objects separately in individual packages, or in a small subdivision of your suitcase in order to transport them in complete safety.

For fragile items that are in danger of breaking, pack them more carefully to protect them optimally. A very simple technique is to pack fragile items with the clothes you plan to take on your trip. To prevent these items from bouncing around in your suitcase, try to secure them securely. In order to properly control your luggage, it is essential that you put your fragile items in your hand luggage.

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