Each airline has its own baggage allowance to regulate the transport of suitcases and other items carried by passengers in the cabin and in the hold.

How much hand luggage to take in the cabin?

For Armenia Airlines, the number and weight of baggage a passenger can carry in the cabin is defined according to two criteria: Destinations and Classes of travel.

If you plan to take a flight with Armenia Airlines, no matter where you want to fly, you are able to board with a hand luggage of 8 kg (Eco class) and 12 kg (Business class).

Babies who board and travel on their parents’ laps (without a plane ticket) are not entitled to hand luggage, but rather to a cradle, booster seat or even a foldable stroller.

Apart from their hand luggage, customers of this company can board with additional items such as crutches, handbags, items purchased in Duty-Free shops, etc.

Checked baggage: What allowance is offered by the Armenian company?

Checked baggage is the bulky pieces displaying more or less large measurements. If you plan to fly with Aircompany Armenia, you should know that this company allows you to carry on board its planes:

One piece of 23kg in Economy Class and two pieces of 64kg (32kg/p) in Business Class, if your destination is: Mineralnye Vody, Voronezh, Moscow, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tbilisi.

A piece of 30kg in Economy Class and 2x32kg in Business Class if you are flying to Beirut.

A luggage of 23kg (Eco) and 2×32 (Business) if your next destination is Lyon.

Babies who travel on Armenian Airlines flights, even if they do not have a reservation, have their share of luggage. They are entitled to a piece of luggage of 10kg on the two travel cabins.

Large or heavier baggage: Buy extra

The prices of additional luggage offered by the Armenian carrier, which can be purchased online on My Reservation, vary between 30 and 55 euros.

The best way to pack your bags before flying

This guide compiles tips that help you learn how to pack the perfect suitcase, so you’ll have a more enjoyable trip. With these tips you will avoid a few surprises and you will have with you everything you need for your business or pleasure trip.

This list of tips applies to any type of trip and will allow you to bring practical and complete luggage. When packing, you should always anticipate that the airline will lose it or there may be an unscheduled layover. Therefore, what you carry in your hand luggage becomes very important:

– Research the weather conditions to decide what to wear, whether it’s summer or winter clothing;

– Choose the size of the suitcase according to the weather, although you tend to carry light suitcases;

– Make a list of everything you need two weeks before;

– Adapt what you will bring to the activities planned according to the duration of the trip;

– Take the essentials and what you will really use;

– Choose clothes that you can combine to better enjoy the suitcase;

– Include only the shoes you will need;

– Use vacuum bags to store clothes compactly;

– Take microfiber towels: they take up less space and dry faster;

– Roll clothes by grouping together several shirts or pants;

– Store jackets and blazers inside out to reduce creasing;

– You can organize your suitcase into categories with space-saving luggage bins;

– Underwear, socks and bathing suits go in the corners;

– Put shoes in bags and put boots or socks inside;

– Locate the heaviest item near the suitcase hinge;

– Keep shirt collars with the waistbands rolled up;

– Carry personal hygiene products in small containers;

– Place what you are going to use first at the top;

– Store liquid bottles in a zippered bag;

– Includes two empty bags for dirty or wet clothes;

– For security, take your papers, money, medication and keys with you;

– For travel, put on your heaviest coat and shoes;

– Carry a full change of clothes in your hand luggage;

– Include personal hygiene items in carry-on baggage;

– Choose few accessories but which combine with all the clothes;

– Place jewelry individually in cloth bags;

– Carry only one complete make-up or personal hygiene kit;

– Store small items in the inside pockets of the suitcase;

– Close the suitcase with a combination padlock, we have already talked about how to protect your suitcase against theft and manipulation.

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