Fancy winter sports and traveling with skis and snowboard? TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS, OUIGO, TER… Find out what luggage you can or cannot take with you when traveling by train.



Traveling with suitcases, travel bags, backpacks

  • For your cabin luggage or other space-saving bags: you can place them at your feet, under your seat or above your seat.
  • For your other luggage: store it at the entrance level or in the center of your car, as well as in the free spaces on the floor between certain seats arranged back to back.

A few precautions to take, however, for a serene journey:

  • Your luggage is your responsibility and must be labelled.
  • If no weight limit is imposed, you must be able to carry your luggage yourself. Indeed, after the boarding gates, only holders of a transport ticket are authorized to circulate on the platform.
  • On board, to ensure good circulation for all passengers and as a safety measure (particularly in the event of fire, evacuation, medical care on board, etc.), take care not to obstruct the corridors and doors of train access with your luggage and personal effects.


And your bike?

  • You are traveling with an unfolded or unassembled bicycle: reserving a space for your bicycle is mandatory when purchasing your train ticket. The cost is 10€ per bike and per trip. Reserving a seat for an undisassembled bike is only available on certain TGV INOUI trains.
  • Your bike is folding: if it is folded, it can travel with you as hand luggage on all TGV INOUI trains provided it measures a maximum of 130x90cm when folded.
  • Your bike can be dismantled: if it is dismantled, it can travel with you without reservation, on all TGV INOUI trains. Your bike must be transported in a cover provided for this purpose and the cover measures a maximum of 130x90cm.


Somewhat bulky luggage?

  • Your water or snow board can also travel with you, provided it is stored in a cover (130 x 90 cm maximum).
  • Your skis can also be on the trip: store them in a cover provided for this purpose, and don’t be too greedy. Indeed, if there is no size limit for skis, each traveler can only travel with one pair of skis.
  • Your stroller, if folded and stowed in the luggage compartments, can travel with you as hand luggage.
  • Your scooter, electric or not, if folded, can travel with you as hand luggage provided it measures a maximum of 130x90cm when folded.
  • Your musical instrument can travel with you as hand luggage provided it is transported in a case provided for this purpose, preferably rigid, and that the case measures a maximum of 130x90cm.


Baggage prohibited on board SNCF trains

There are of course objects which may seem obvious, here is a reminder of the objects which are strictly prohibited to be transported on SNCF trains:

  • Cold steel
  • Pointed and sharp objects
  • Fire objects
  • Corrosives
  • Flammable substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Explosives
  • Intended for trade: products whose quantity and/or packaging unequivocally demonstrate that the traveler’s ticket is diverted for the purpose of transporting goods which should have been the subject of a service by an operator specialized in this domain.



There is no maximum size imposed on board our TER regarding luggage. However, these must be able to be handled by yourself and fit into the spaces provided in our regional trains. In addition, your personal belongings must in no way present a danger to other travelers and our staff on board or at the station.

Your bike travels for free, suspended or placed in a space provided for this purpose. These pitches are accessible within the limit of available places and cannot be reserved.



Baggage included in the price of your ticket

Are you traveling with OUIGO? With your ticket, you can board, at no additional cost, with a choice of:

  • 2 pieces of hand luggage not exceeding 36 x 27 x 15 cm (height, width and depth)
  • 1 hand luggage not exceeding 36 x 27 x 15 cm (height, width and depth) and 1 cabin luggage not exceeding 55 x 35 x 25 cm (height, width and depth)

This luggage must be placed under the seats.

The transport of your pushchair is also included in your ticket (limited to 2 pushchairs per reservation and per trip).

Any luggage over 1.30 meters or 30 kilos is prohibited



Your Thalys ticket entitles you to travel with 1 piece of hand luggage and a maximum of 2 suitcases not exceeding 75 x 53 x 70 cm (length, width and height).

If no weight limit is set, you must be able to carry and store your belongings yourself in the various baggage spaces on board Thalys:

  • luggage rack above the seats
  • luggage spaces at the end of each car for the largest luggage
  • free spaces on the ground between certain seats arranged back to back

Strollers are also allowed on board without supplement. They must be folded in the storage spaces of your car.



Are you traveling across the Channel by train? Two medium-sized suitcases or bags (maximum 85 cm on their longest side) and 1 small piece of hand luggage are included in the price of your ticket. In Business Premier class, you can carry up to 3 bags or suitcases at no extra charge.

Prams and strollers are also accepted. Your bicycles and musical instruments are also welcome on board and considered as one of your two medium-sized pieces of luggage provided they do not exceed 85 cm in length in their cover. Otherwise, your baggage will require specific handling by the Eurostar baggage check-in service when you purchase your ticket.

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