Among the best low-cost airlines there is Ryanair, which is an Irish company, which was founded in 1984, and whose head office is located in Swords, Ireland.

In November 2018, Ryanair had to review its baggage policy on board its aircraft, with the aim of speeding up boarding and reducing flight delays. Passengers can now book priority boarding to put 10 kg luggage in the cabin, or can simply take a single small free bag on board, which 30% of the company’s customers already do.


Cabin baggage:

At Ryanair, priority travelers can take a cabin suitcase of up to 10 kg, which can be stored in the overhead compartment, as well as a small bag which is placed under the seat in front of the passenger. The number of priority travelers is limited to 95 people per flight out of 189 passengers.

As for non-priority travellers, they can only carry the small cabin bag. To take the 10kg cabin suitcase, they will have to pay 8 euros at the time of booking, 10 euros after booking, 20 euros at the counter and 25 euros at the boarding gate.

Cabin baggage dimensions:

The airline Ryanair has certainly reduced the number of cabin bags, but has increased the size of the small free hand luggage by more than 40%, from 35 x 20 x 20 cm (14,000 cm³) to 40 x 20 x 25 cm (20,000 cc). If it is too big, it will have to be put in the hold for 25 euros.

The suitcase in the cabin, on the other hand, must not exceed the measures of 55 x 40 x 20 cm maximum. Under penalty of putting it in the hold with a supplement to pay, because there is no longer a suitcase put in the hold for free at Ryanair.

Cabin baggage weight:

The weight of cabin baggage authorized with the Irish airline Ryanair is a maximum of 10 kg.

Liquids in the cabins must be transported in a container of no more than 100 ml. All liquids must be transported in a single transparent plastic bag measuring 20cm x 20cm with a total capacity of one litre. Except for baby milk powder where the quantity of: milk powder, sterilized water and baby food are not limited. As well as for Liquid medicines.


Checked baggage:

Ryanair being considered a low-cost company, it does not allow free checked baggage. However, a baggage allowance can be purchased by travelers, up to a maximum of 3 pieces of baggage per passenger. If this is added after booking, a fee of €40 per passenger per flight will be applied.

Checked baggage dimensions:

Hold baggage at Ryanair must not exceed the dimensions of 81 x 119 x 119 cm, under penalty of being denied boarding on board its planes.

Checked baggage weights:

The maximum weight of each piece of baggage in the hold is 20 kg maximum. The price varies according to your destination, your departure date and the place of purchase (online or directly at the airport),

  • For a luggage of 20 kg, it is necessary to count between 15 € and 75 € per luggage.
  • For a luggage of 10 kg, it depends on when you pay for your suitcase: between 8 and 25 euros per luggage.


Children’s luggage:

Baggage for children under 2 years old:

Infants aged 7 days or younger cannot travel with Ryanair

For any child under 2 years old, a small 5 kg baby bag can also be carried free of charge by customers traveling with this baby.

A car seat can be put on board a Ryanair aircraft for an infant or child, if it complies with the rules of the company. He must have a 5-point harness.

Two childcare items per child can be transported, at no additional cost: a pushchair and, at your choice, a car seat, a child seat or a portable bed.

Baggage for children over 2 years old:

On Ryanair airline planes, children 2 years and older are considered adults and must pay the adult fare for the carriage of their baggage.


Special equipment allowed:

The airline Ryanair authorizes its passengers to travel with special equipment on condition of paying the supplement:

  • Bulky equipment with a maximum weight of 20 kg, at the price of 55 euros.
  • Musical instruments with a maximum weight of 20 kg, at the price of 50 euros.
  • Bicycles can also be transported, with a maximum weight of 30 kg, for 75 euros.
  • Sports, ski and golf equipment can also be transported, but must not exceed 20 kg, from 30 euros.


Prohibited Products:

It is forbidden to carry the following items on Ryanair airline planes:

  • Firearms and weapons, even dummy.
  • Pointed and/or edged weapons and sharp objects.
  • Blunt instruments
  • Explosive and flammable substances such as: ammunition, explosives and explosive devices, copies or imitations of explosive materials or devices, Gas and gas containers, fireworks, rockets of all shapes, matches other than safety matches, bombs or cartridges smoke bombs, flammable liquid fuels (such as gasoline, diesel fuel, lighter fluid, alcohol, ethanol), spray paint cans, turpentine and paint thinners, alcoholic beverages.
  • Chemical and toxic substances such as: cells and batteries with electrolyte likely to leak, mercury, chlorine, gases and vaporizers of neutralizing or incapacitating substances, radioactive materials (for example medical or commercial isotopes), poisons, dangerous infectious substances or biological materials, materials presenting a risk of ignition or spontaneous combustion, fire extinguishers except where authorized by fire protocols and emergency equipment on board the aircraft.
  • Electronic cigarettes.
  • Pets are prohibited on board Ryanair aircraft, apart from assistance dogs.

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