It is quite normal that everyone likes to travel a lot and carry a lot of luggage due to travel, but, for this, every traveler should know how much the Norwegian Air Shuttle baggage allowance is.

– Hand Baggage

With the Norwegian airline you are able to travel with:

Low Fare Rate: A small piece of 10kg luggage to slide under the 88cm seat (30 x 20 x 38)

Low Fare +: a piece of luggage of 88cm + a piece of luggage (to be placed in the upper compartment) which measures 118cm with a total weight of 10kg.

FLEX: You benefit from the same allowance granted to passengers booking with the Low Fare+ fare, knowing that the total weight of your two pieces of luggage can be up to 15kg.

– Checked Baggage

Do you have this question that you want to know how much baggage can you check in the hold when traveling with Norwegian Air Shuttles? The answer to your question and in this guide

First of all, it is important to note that reservations made with the LowFare fare do not give access to checked baggage.

Baggage check-in is only available to passengers booking their flight with both fares:

– LowFare +: A piece of luggage that weighs 23kg

– Flex: Two pieces with a total weight of 46kg (23kg for each piece)

– Maximum size or dimensions: 300cm

Extra Baggage

According to Norwegian Air Shuttle’s baggage policy, you may only travel with two additional pieces of baggage with a total weight of 74kg (maximum 32kg for each piece).

Use the Norwegian company’s excess baggage service by purchasing extras before your departure. The service remains accessible as long as you have not validated your registration.

Carrying one or more pieces of baggage on board a Norwegian Air Shuttle aircraft: Other rules to follow

     – Accessing liquids and electronics doesn’t have to be complicated

You need to take your bag with liquids and your electronics out through customs, so make sure you don’t have to empty your entire suitcase to access your tablet and shampoo. Place it on top or use the pockets on the outside, so you can easily reach and store it again.

     – Your valuables must be placed in hand baggage

You should of course not put your passport, boarding pass and any other documents in the bottom of your hand luggage. Instead, put it in a front pocket or a jacket pocket, if it can be closed. Also make sure you have easy access to your wallet and of course keep your phone with you.

      – Bringing liquids into the cabin: A specific rule must be respected

In general, you can carry a maximum of ten bottles or 100 milliliter jars of liquids. Keep in mind that not only shampoo or perfume are considered liquids, but also hair gel, your day/night cream and yes, also your makeup. You should pack liquids in a transparent, resealable bag, so they can immediately see what you are carrying through customs.

Traveling with hand luggage only: What’s the benefit for passengers?

– Among the advantages, no need to be at the airport early to check in luggage

In many cases, you can simply check in online before leaving for the airport. So why would you still be at the airport two or three hours early just to drop off your bags? If you choose to take hand luggage only, you can often arrive an hour early and go straight through customs, after which you won’t have to wait very long before you can board the plane.

– You don’t have to wait at baggage claim when exiting

Where you save time in advance by not having to check in your bags, you also do so upon arrival by not having to wait for your bags to roll up the carpet. You quickly wait half an hour to an hour until you see your luggage on the baggage claim area after landing, whereas with only hand luggage you can sometimes be out in fifteen minutes. Plus, you get rid of that slight fear that always arises when you see everyone walking away with their luggage, while yours is nowhere to be found.

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