It’s is very common to ask this question before the trip, because we all want to pack as many things as possible and be able to have everything we need at our destination. Also, it is always good to be on the safe side and know what are the allowed measurements, weights and other important information provided by the airline.

If your next flight will be with Air Montenegro, first of all, you must bear in mind that there are limits established by this airline and that it is possible that they refuse to transport your luggage; it is for this reason that you must find out about its policy and the baggage allowance it offers to its travelers.

Know the weight and size limits of your luggage

If your next trip will be on an Air Montenegro plane, be sure of the baggage policy of this airline. Be aware that there are always specific restrictions with regard to carrying luggage.

    – Hand Baggage

Regarding the luggage that each passenger can carry in the cabin is: 1 x 8kg knowing that it must measure 115cm or 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

It is also possible to carry an additional item outside this allowance, which may be a handbag, mobile computer, small format camera, etc.

     – Checked Baggage

Checked baggage, also known as checked baggage, is baggage that travels in the hold of the aircraft and not in the cabin. The number of pieces you can carry in Air Montenegro aircraft is as follows:

Economy Class: 1 x 23kg

Business Class: 2 x 23kg

Height limit: 158cm

For your child traveling with you on board, it is possible to check for him a piece of baggage weighing 10 kg as you have the choice of carrying a foldable stroller or a car seat.

Excess baggage on Air Montenegro flights

It is best that you inform yourself of the guidelines of the chosen airline when planning your trip. If you prove before boarding the plane that you are overweight in your checked baggage and that it does not exceed 32 kg (the maximum weight accepted per piece), you must pay a fee corresponding to excess baggage directly at the airport and in cash; as you can pay your excess online, and benefit from a rate reduction. Generally, an oversize part costs 60 EUR while an oversize or overweight part costs 30 EUR.

Passing his baggage by plane? Good packing preparation is the secret

Here are practical tips and tricks that help you pack your bags like a real traveler:

  • Put your valuables in your hand baggage

The chances of losing your luggage today are minimal, but you never know and why risk it? Carry anything important and valuable in your hand luggage, such as cash, documents or electronic devices.

  • Make a list of essential items and items to take into the cabin

Really think about what you are going to need. One of the best tips for packing like a pro is to start packing days in advance so you can buy the things you’ll need and not go crazy on the last day. Check the weather forecast for your destination for these days and avoid surprises.

  • Make your suitcase easy to distinguish and recognize at the airport

You can’t imagine the number of mix-ups that occur on the baggage claim belt with similar-looking suitcases. To avoid this, identify it in one way or another: a sticker, a colored scarf attached to the handle, or a simple label with your contact details will make it easier for you to make eye contact as soon as it comes out of the tape. If you wish, you can also add your details on the same label and in case of loss by the airline, it will be much easier to identify you.

  • Remember to follow a specific order when preparing your suitcase

It is best to always put the heaviest items at the bottom, such as pants, toiletry bag and shoes. Remember to put the shoes in individual bags to take advantage of the space and not stain the rest. Another trick is to roll clothes up into a tube to prevent them from getting wrinkled and make better use of space.

  • Don’t forget to bring plug adapters

Normally, you won’t need power adapters in most destinations. In France, Italy and Germany these are the same as in Spain, but if you are traveling to London, for example, you will need an adapter. They can be easily purchased at hardware stores, supermarkets or online

  • Pack your electronics well

It is best to always carry them with you in your hand luggage or backpack and not check these items on the plane.

  • Put your liquids in a separate bag

With the baggage regulations on board the plane, the amount of liquids you can take in hand luggage is very restricted, since as a general rule, bottles cannot exceed 100ml, they must be placed inside transparent bag and as if that were not enough, you will have to present your liquids separately at the airport security check. So don’t be complicated and put all liquids in checked baggage, where there are no limits.

  • You travel documents must go to the cabin

Without your papers and your travel documents such as passport and boarding pass, you do nothing, so protect it well and always carry it with you in your backpack. An even better option is to get an inner fanny pack or briefcase that allows you to hide your passport, national ID, and cash. A good tip is to bring a digital copy of all your documents; Thus, in the event of loss, it will be much easier to manage a duplicate or a safe-conduct to be returned.

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