When concluding an air carriage agreement for a passenger that provides for free baggage allowance, an air passenger has the right to carry his baggage within the limits established by the carrier at no additional cost.

– Hand Baggage: Maximum size and weight of a piece taken into the cabin

In the case of Freebird Airlines, the Turkish airline offers a single carry-on baggage allowance on all its flights and for all its booking rates: 1 x 8kg with total dimensions of 115cm.

Outside this allowance, Freebird Airlines authorizes you to bring certain additional objects such as a small handbag, camera, umbrella, coat, …

– Checked baggage: What are the Freebird Airlines restrictions?

Checked baggage on Freebird Airlines flights is chargeable. The weight of baggage that can be checked in varies between 23kg and 32kg while the transport price is displayed in the plane ticket reservation.

Excess and additional baggage: Adjust your allowance according to your needs

Freebird Airlines’ free baggage allowance on its flights is very limited, so it may not be suitable for you or meet your baggage carrying requirements. The Turkish company offers you a practical solution to check in more luggage. This is an excess baggage sales service that allows you to add so many pieces to your reservation (for a fee), and with the desired weight.

Lost and damaged baggage: What is the passenger right and what is the role of Freebird Airlines?

It’s sad to be standing next to the conveyor belt waiting for your favorite suitcase, but it’s even worse if it never arrives. In this case, you should not leave the arrivals area: report immediately to the lost and found counter or to an employee of the airline on which you traveled. Then a written request is made on the basis of a ticket with a baggage ticket and identification, and the search for the loss begins.

Turkish carrier Freebird Airlines is required to search for lost suitcases within 21 days, and some companies offer the ability to track their activities online. If the damage cannot be found, the passenger is compensated.

The size of the baggage is important in determining the amount of payment: generally, the amount varies from ten to twenty US dollars per kilogram of weight. The maximum payment is about one and a half thousand dollars, in practice such amounts are paid extremely rarely, provided that it is possible to prove the special value of the contents of the suitcase.

In the event of damage or loss of part of the contents of the luggage, it is also worth asserting your own rights. Domestic companies accept claims within six months from the date of theft, foreign companies – within a week. In this case, you must make a list of the missing or damaged items and indicate their approximate cost.

Practical advice to avoid the loss of luggage at the airport

Don’t skimp on cases: Buy products from solid, trusted brands: they’re very expensive, but they’ll reliably protect the contents. The addition will be code locks and other security measures.

Provide extra protection: Special covers for suitcases of different sizes are now on sale: they protect them from dirt, scratches and other problems that may arise on the road. If such coverage does not exist, you can resort to a service available at any airport in the world: packing your suitcase in a film.

Do not transport frankly fragile objects without packaging: Try to protect fragile objects as much as possible: at the airport, luggage is not treated with respect, so nuances are possible. Carry them in the center of the suitcase, surrounded by clothing, without contact between them and without solid objects.

It is important to remember that there are special policies that provide, among other services, insurance against loss and damage to luggage. Don’t save on the little things so as not to lose on the big ones, and travel with peace of mind.

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    I am looking to book your flight from Edinburgh to dalaman through tui, the luggage allowance is 20 kg is there a way to increase this to 23kg as it can’t be done through the booking

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