Like any other airline, Air Albania has its own baggage policy:

  – Handbag

For this operator, only one suitcase in the cabin is authorized, the weight of which is limited to 8 kg. Baggage placed in the cabin must not display measurements greater than 118cm: (23x40x55)cm.

No separate handbag or backpack. Everything must be put in the main suitcase. However, the maximum weight is not mentioned.

  – Checked Baggage

With regard to suitcases in the hold, a person is authorized to take 1 suitcase of 32kg with them. The measurements of this luggage must be at the limit of 158cm.

The measurements of this luggage must be at the limit of 158cm.

Extra baggage in the hold?

Any excess weight generates a fee of 6 Euros for each additional kilogram (4Euro/Kg if you are traveling to Turkey, Greece, Switzerland and Italy.)

Prepare baggage and suitcases placed in the cabin

If you are going to travel by plane with a low-cost airline like airBaltic, without checking in a suitcase so that it is cheaper, and traveling only with hand luggage, you will have to minimize everything you need in the small space 55cm x 40cm x 23cm. It sometimes becomes complicated if we take into account that we want to take clothes, a toiletry bag, shoes, a towel, a camera with accessories, books and above all, bring back gifts from our trip.

Whether it’s to stay within the carry-on baggage averages or simply to travel more comfortably and lightly, you’ll benefit greatly from knowing these basic tips for packing your carry-on luggage before boarding an Albanian Air flight.

Optimize the space in your suitcase before packing your items

If you have ever flown with a low-cost airline, you will know that their airfares have a discounted price in exchange for certain rules. These regulations relate to the dimensions and weight of hand luggage, which are very limited.

You already know that exceeding these measures is not cheap, since a penalty is applied for each kilo you exceed. And if your suitcase is a few centimeters longer, you will pay this excess baggage penalty in addition to having to check it in. For all this, you will have to minimize your baggage space.

Think carefully about what you are going to need and make a list if necessary. Sometimes, the Just in Case is abused and this causes the zippers of the suitcase or backpack not to close. It has clothes that weigh little, combine easily and are as versatile as possible, so you will avoid wearing a different outfit for each day. The important thing you must take into consideration is to check the weather forecast for your destination on those days and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

Wear the clothes that take up the most space. If you’re traveling in the summer, this will be less of a problem, but if you’re traveling in the winter, take the bulkiest coat, jacket, or sweater out of the suitcase. You can even take one piece of clothing with you and another in your hand, because that way they don’t count as carry-on baggage for the airlines. Of course, you will lose the comfort of traveling light.

It is beneficial to carry less weight, especially if you are hiking or taking a long trip, and reserve some space for travel soap or detergent. This one will occupy much less than the clothes you have been wearing for days.

Vacuum pack your clothes

In case you need to pack more clothes, either for a longer trip or because you have winter clothes that take up more space, a smart option is to store your clothes in a vacuum bag. . It will take half the space. Of course, if you only have your hand luggage for the trip, keep in mind the maximum luggage weight according to the airline you are traveling with.

If you don’t have the possibility to pack your clothes, you can also choose to roll them, it will take up less space.

Optimize your liquid kit well

People tend to carry more products than necessary when traveling and forget that in the hotel or hostel where you go there will be gel, shampoo, hair dryer.

In addition to the regulations on liquids on the plane, the use of liquids on the plane is very limited quantity of these products that you can take, since the bottles cannot exceed 100ml, they must be placed inside a transparent bag not exceeding 20cm x 20cm and as if that were not enough, you will have to present your liquids separately at the airport security check. For all these reasons, it is advisable to bring as few liquids as possible, to prepare a travel kit with just what you need or to buy everything on site.

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