One of the most common doubts before traveling by plane is what size suitcases can you take on a plane trip? What size luggage can you take in the cabin on board a Rossiya Airlines flight? Or what suitcases and what weight can we carry on the plane without having to pay extra? These are frequent and important questions to be able to travel with the Russian airline, without last minute problems.

Hand Baggage

  • Economy Class : 5 kg
  • Business Class : 10kg
  • Dimensions : 55cm x 40cm x 25cm

Additional baggage can be brought into the cabin, weighing 5kg and dimensions that do not exceed 80cm.

Checked Baggage

  • Eco Class : 1 x 32kg
  • Business Class : 2 x 32kg

Extra Baggage: Add excess

Fees are charged if, upon boarding, it is found that you are carrying baggage that does not respect the limits of your allowance. However, Rossiya Airlines offers you an alternative solution to avoid paying a big penalty, and that by purchasing an additional baggage allowance in advance (before confirmation of check-in).

Baggage lost at the airport: What solutions to avoid it?

Airplanes continue to be the most used form of transportation for travelers around the world, but sometimes every traveler’s nightmare of reaching their destination and not finding their suitcase on the conveyor belt still happens. New technologies have made it easier to locate and transfer baggage traveling in the hold, but loss figures are still high. According to the SITA Baggage report, about six bags are lost or delayed for every thousand passengers.

Although this can happen for many reasons; from mistakes by baggage handlers themselves to incorrect labeling; an airport worker has revealed the simple reason he believes hundreds of bags go missing every day.

Every time a flight is delayed or canceled hundreds of bags end up being lost. The most frequently lost bags are duffel bags, oddly shaped bags, or extremely heavy bags.

If your bag doesn’t fit properly in the tetris that Rossiya airline employees form when it comes to placing your luggage, you’ll probably have a problem.

To avoid losing the suitcase, there are three tips that every traveler should keep in mind. The first, according to experts, is to resort to a simple suitcase that does its job. It can be of quality but it must not fall into the splendor of luxury brands.

To prevent someone from taking your suitcase by mistake when it passes through the conveyor belt, it must be correctly identified. A name and address on a small card is not enough. Experts advise writing or putting the name in bright colors all over the suitcase. Luggage can be personalized so that no one gets confused.

The third tip is to put a padlock on the suitcase, but the more discreet the better. Avoid flashy ones. A large and brightly colored one can attract the attention of the alien’s friends who won’t hesitate to break the lock and zipper only to find that it is being guarded with such suspicion.

If your baggage is lost, you can obtain compensation

If your suitcase never appeared in baggage at the airport, don’t worry, the Civil Aviation Law establishes how airlines including Rossiya should respond to the traveler by being responsible for transporting your baggage. , or in the event of loss or damage, he must compensate you for this inconvenience.

In the event of loss of baggage, the passenger must be compensated up to around one thousand two hundred euros (or its equivalent in another currency).

In the event that twenty four hours have passed since you reported the loss of your baggage and it is still not found, you have the right to request financial assistance for urgent expenses from the luggage storage .

If three days have passed from the date of arrival and your baggage has not been located, you can obtain the form at the destination airport. Forward the completed claim form, proof of purchase of the claimed items, boarding pass, ID, valid baggage password and baggage irregularity report given to you to the airport.

If three weeks have passed and your luggage has not been found, it is considered lost, so you can request financial compensation from Rossiya.

The airline will contact you shortly (or it’s up to you to contact them) for more information on the search process or in the event of a Baggage Guarantee claim, for compensation. If this does not happen, you will be entitled to a baggage guarantee through an electronic credit according to the currency with which you paid for your reservation.

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