Renfe Train accepts handbags, suitcases, travel bags and backpacks as baggage as long as they do not exceed 3 packages and do not exceed 290 cm or do not exceed the dimensions of 85x55x35 cm, each of them. The total weight of the 3 packages is limited to 25 kg.

They are also part of hand luggage, as long as they do not exceed 46×70 cm and weigh less than or equal to 30 Kg:

– Skis, baby seats and golf bag.
– Surfboard not exceeding 120×90 cm (they must be located in the specific slots provided for luggage, in order to avoid inconvenience for the rest of the passengers).
– Wheel chairs.


Traveling with a bike

You can travel with your bike completely free of charge and thus enjoy each of Renfe’s destinations as soon as you get off the train. To transport your bike, all you have to do is fold it up or disassemble it and put it in a cover that does not exceed the dimensions of 120×90 cm.

What does Renfe consider as hand luggage?

– Suitcases, handbags, backpacks, computer cases and the like

– Baby seats and strollers, as long as they are folded.

– Musical instruments, transported in their case, not exceeding the dimensions 30x120x38 cm. (width-length-depth).
– All bicycles and scooters folded in a bag are considered hand luggage as long as their dimensions do not exceed 180 cm between the three. and therefore they will be admitted free of charge on all regular Renfe Viajeros services. The transport policy for unfolded bicycles and scooters depends on the type of train you are traveling on.



All Renfe travelers must pass their luggage through an X-ray scanner before boarding the train at Spanish stations.

List of prohibited items in baggage:

  • Sharp objects.
  • Knives.
  • Fire arms.
  • Corrosive substances.
  • Flammable substances.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Explosives.


Special baggage

They are those which, due to their dimensions or other limitations, cannot be considered hand luggage and therefore have special travel conditions.

Keep in mind that you can only take one special piece of baggage per person on board, together with another piece of hand baggage with maximum dimensions of 55x35x25.

What do we consider as special baggage?

  • Golf Club
  • ski equipment
  • sport fishing equipment
  • All scooters and bicycles folded or disassembled inside a cover whose dimensions total more than 180 cm and up to a maximum of 120x90x40 cm. (long top wide).
  • Transporting unfolded bikes and scooters varies depending on the type of train you are traveling on. Check all the information about it.
  • Golf clubs and ski and sport fishing equipment must travel inside their corresponding bags, perfectly closed.

Also, if you have to travel with firearms or other dangerous objects, be aware that their transport is subject to specific conditions:

  • Firearms carried by individuals: these are only authorized with a license and a membership guide
    Regulation firearms carried by authorized personnel: they are only authorized if they are accredited by means of a plate or a professional card
  • Edged, historic and other weapons: only sabres, machetes, historic weapons or others that are part of the regulatory equipment of the personnel of the Security Forces and Corps or the Armed Forces are authorized.
  • Sports weapons: only those properly packaged are permitted and provided that it is documented that they are federated in said sport.
  • Sharp, cutting or blunt work instruments: these are only permitted in appropriate packaging and transport by personnel who document their profession.

Ammunition: ammunition cannot be transported (AR 130/2017 of February 24), except:

  • Sidearms, ammunition in the store, personnel holding a Type B permit
  • Firearms, ammunition in magazines, authorized and accredited personnel

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  1. Oliver Klotz

    Every true scout has a knife, otherwise he’s not a scout, so he’s a wimp. All campers need a knife, otherwise they starve. Can’t all these people travel with Renfe? Or how do they do it?

    I haven’t been a scout for 35 years, but I also need a knife to cut bread and chorizo, which is now thrown away in the renfe securitas garbage can at the Granada station. What am I supposed to do now? Why isn’t there a sensible solution to this? Why is it only like that in Spain?

    oliver klotz

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