You will find on this page all the useful information to prepare your luggage before taking your flight with Olympic Airlines, because you can find out about the weight of your luggage to take into the cabin, or to check in the hold.

How much baggage Olympic Airlines allows to carry in:

– Cabin (Hand Baggage)

The Greek airline offers a single allowance for all fares: 1 x 8kg; dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 23cm.

Small travelers (age two years or less) are also entitled to a hand luggage of 6kg.

  • Take liquids in hand luggage

In the baggage that is taken on board with you in the cabin, you are not authorized to put a 200ml bottle of sunscreen or shower gel (for example), but only 100ml. There are a series of liquid restrictions that you need to consider. This is not a serious situation, but during the security check, you are required to get rid of any jar or can that does not comply with these measures.

The restriction on liquids, gels and creams applied by Olympic Air is as follows: containers containing liquids must have a maximum capacity of 100 ml, and must be in a transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter knowing that the bag must measure 40cm (20×20).

Think about all those hygiene and cosmetic products you plan to bring and check them against this restriction. Creams, gels, shampoos because they also take into account products in a gelatinous state, deodorants, sunscreens, bottles of cologne, toothpastes, liquids for contact lenses and even bottles of water. In this regard, you must remember to empty them and refill them at your destination. They usually ask you to open them and show that there is no liquid inside.

– Checked Baggage (suitcases and items placed in the hold)

Checked baggage is the pieces that are transported in the hold of the Olympic Air plane. Depending on what you contracted when purchasing the ticket, you can bring one or more suitcases. Other times it is the hand luggage requisitioned at the aircraft door because the hand luggage space is already full; you will therefore have to wait to recover the suitcase as if you had registered it.

Olympic Airlines indicates that the maximum weight and standard dimensions are as follows:

– Economy Light & Flex: No checked baggage entitlement

Economy Comfort Flex: 1 x 23kg

– Business: 2 x 32kg

There are specific categories for baggage considered special such as sports equipment (example: golf clubs, skis, bicycles, etc.) which must be managed separately. Regarding pets, it is always recommended to inquire with the airline, as their admission is subject to availability and compliance with specific characteristics, in accordance with the regulations in force in the country of destination.

Extra Baggage: Add Excess

In the event of exceeding the authorized size or weight, Olympic Air offers to modify your baggage allowance by adding supplements provided that this operation will be done before confirmation of your check-in on the flight.

If you pay for your excess baggage online, you save up to 50% on the price offered at the airport.

On Olympic Air flights, certain items are prohibited

There is a series of objects that are restricted, or directly prohibited, and that we cannot take with us in our luggage. Some can only be transported in hand luggage, others only in the hold of the plane, in checked baggage and others directly prohibited from transport on the plane.

This list is made up of objects that, because they are considered dangerous, we cannot take with us under any circumstances, such as weapons of any kind, aerosols, toxic products, sharp objects, … Some may seem obvious to us, but you should know that this also applies to everyday items that you haven’t noticed, such as a razor blade, cutlery, a corkscrew or scissors.

Here is a summary list of items not accepted in Olympic Air devices

– Items prohibited in the cabin

Firearms and devices that fire projectiles; stunning devices; sharp or pointed objects; work tools and blunt objects; chemical and toxic substances, explosive and flammable substances; liquids, aerosols and gels.

– Items and items not permitted in checked baggage

Explosives; gases; flammable liquids and solids; reactive substances; organic oxidants and peroxides; poisonous or infectious substances; corrosive radioactive material; Electronic cigarettes; engine parts that have contained fuel; lithium batteries in smart suitcases and outdoor electronic devices.

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