Remember that in the case of the handbag or the personal object, the measurements are different for each airline, being able to take any of these measurements of width, height and depth as you wish.

– Hand Baggage: Terms and Rules

If your next flight will be served by LATAM Airlines, know that you are able to carry in the cabin:

Economy Class: 1 x 8kg (10kg on flights from or to Brazil)

Premium Economy/Business: 2 x 8kg

Maximum Size: 115cm (55x35x25)

– Checked Baggage: Dimensions and weight accepted

LATAM Airlines also establishes its own regulations for the carriage of checked baggage. Currently, its baggage policy is as follows:

Economy Class

Promo Fare Light Fare Plus Fare

Top Fare

Domestic flights (Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Peru)

/ / 1 x 23kg

2 x 23kg

Flights between Chile and Easter Island

2 x 23kg

Flights from/to destinations in South America



1 x 23kg

2 x 23kg

Flights between South America &  Oceania

2 x 23kg

Flights to/from United States & Canada

































































1 x 23kg













































2 x 23kg



















Flights between South American & Europe

Flights from/to Europe

Flights between South America & Central America & Caribbean

Flights between South America & Mexico

Flights between South America and Africa

Flights between French Polynesia & Easter Island

1 x 23kg

2 x 23kg

Flights between French Polynesia & Easter Island

1 x 23kg

2 x 23kg

Flights to/from Oceania

Others Flights

Baggage that weighs 10kg can be carried for children on all flights operated by LATAM Airlines, in addition to a stroller or car seat.

The dimensions of each piece of baggage checked in and placed in the hold must not exceed 158cm.

Increase the weight of your luggage: Add an extra

On all Latam Airlines flights, you are able to upgrade your baggage allowance by adding up to 15kg of baggage. Adjust your allowance using the My Trips section on

Key steps to prepare your suitcase before taking the flight with LATAM Airlines

Surely thinking about when and how to pack your travel suitcase is a hassle and a real headache.

Agree that preparing the luggage is the heaviest task to complete before you can start enjoying your desired trip. But doing it well is essential to undertake it with confidence.

Prepare your suitcases according to the characteristics of your stay: First of all, although it seems obvious, you must plan your luggage according to the characteristics of the trip you are going to undertake. Are you going to visit cities, spend time at the beach, go on mountain excursions? Obviously, these three hypotheses clearly require different clothes.

The second key feature to consider is how you will travel. If you go by boat, plane, train, bus or in your private car, this influences the clothing to be worn and other provisions such as motion sickness pills, if any, for example.

Another circumstance clearly to assess is the temperature that you will find in your destination, depending on the time of year and the geographical location of the country. You should also observe if you are traveling to a place with frequent rains or on the contrary if it is a very dry climate.

Also think about whether your trip is totally touristic and vacation or whether you will have an engagement that will require you to dress more formally.

It is important that you anticipate whether the destination will facilitate the purchase of specific medicines or products that you may need, so that you do not forget the essentials in this regard.

You’ve mentally mapped out your trip, and these previous thoughts will decisively guide you through to our recommended second step, which is to make a list of what your travel suitcase should contain.

– Mention in a list the items you will need during your stay

Prepare a previous list to prepare your travel suitcase: This is a more important recommendation than it seems because you have to think that if you end up acting from memory, you risk forgetting something necessary. Do you think it’s a waste of time? Be sure that you are wrong because preparing this list is something very practical.

So before you start taking things from cupboards and different rooms, which will surely involve going back and forth with as much of a mess as possible, sit down and make a good list.

One of the best guarantees for preparing your travel suitcase perfectly is to do it calmly and in advance. Start doing it with the most basic and essential: clothes, medicine, electronics, toiletries, books or hobbies if you use them, etc.

It is convenient that you do this several days before the match because surely later, when you examine it, other things that you can specify will come to mind. It can’t mean that you’re going to be carrying around a huge amount of luggage full of stuff that you won’t end up using. In the end, you have to throw away what you see that you don’t really need. Never carry too much.

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