The baggage allowance is the number of checked bags allowed by the airline you are traveling with, for example Iran Air. Iran’s national carrier offers free baggage allowances for its travelers.

Hand Luggage

If you have booked a flight with Iran Air, the baggage allowance is included in the price of your ticket. In the cabin, the amount of baggage you can carry does not depend on the type of flight you are taking. The passengers of this company benefit from a similar allowance of 5kg whose dimensions to respect are the following: 115cm (55x35x25).

The information you find on this guide about the baggage allowance offered by Iran Air is the same as you find in your ticket reservation.

After online registration, you may also receive a confirmation email containing this information.

Checked Baggage

First of all, it depends on your class of service:

  • Economy Class: 30kg
  • Business class/Homa: 40kg

If you are a member of its SkyGift frequent flyer program, you get a 40kg allowance if you have Silver status, and 50kg if you have Gold status.

It should also be remembered that the maximum baggage allowance allowed on each flight served by the Iranian carrier is 23kg.

This allowance is not available on flights serving Canada and the United States. Passengers on flights departing from or heading to the two American countries are entitled to one piece of baggage weighing 23kg.

Buy excess baggage

You will be charged for any extra baggage as well as overweight items if they exceed the size and weight limits set by the airline.

Is a baggage allowance offered to the baby?

Passengers can carry for their children a piece of luggage of 10kg + a stroller (foldable), provided that they pay at least 10% of the reservation price.

Traveling with hand luggage on an Iran Air flight: Here is a list of some essential items to pack in your suitcase

– Favourite book

In everyday life, everything moves so fast that sometimes we don’t have time to enjoy life’s little pleasures, like a good book. Take advantage of those little hours of peace inside the plane or during a long layover at the airport and finish this book once and for all.

– Hygiene and care products

You don’t have to pack your entire bathroom in your suitcase, but a few items can make all the difference. Toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant; ideally in a bar, so it doesn’t count as cash; moisturizing cream, gel soap, wet wipes to cool off, disposable tissues or duo comfort rolls, …

The authorized liquids are a maximum of one liter in containers of a maximum of 100 ml. This means that you can carry a maximum of 10 items of 100ml and all inside a transparent bag with closure (which displays dimensions of 20cmx20cm).

– A mini first aid kit

It is always necessary to bring a small first aid kit when traveling, to deal with small unforeseen events. Some painkillers, bandages, antihistamines are some of the things you should bring.

– Smartphone, tablet or laptop

Whether for watching movies, series or for business trips, always try to carry these two items in your hand luggage or in an easily accessible pocket of your cabin suitcase. Since you go through security they will make you put them on a separate tray. You don’t want to be that person making tacos because he can’t find his tablet in the suitcase.

– Appropriate clothing: Essential in the luggage

A good tip to avoid weighing down your hand luggage is to wear your heaviest jacket and shoes, you can carry a few sandals or lined socks in your hand to change on the plane later and thus travel more comfortably.

– A small bag to carry your travel documents

Always have your boarding pass, passport and money with you. Ideal in a briefcase with RFID, to avoid credit card cloning and identity theft, which are increasingly common in large airports.

– AC adapter

Always carry the correct power adapter with you for the country you are traveling to, ideally an adapter with multiple USB sockets so that you can plug more than one item into a single outlet at a time to charge your mobile phone, camera or tablets, …

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