Aerolineas Argentinas allows you to carry as much luggage as you wish in the form of hand luggage or checked baggage.

When traveling with the airline of Argentina, you should know that the baggage weight does not change depending on the class of travel, but rather depending on the route:

Domestic flight: A suitcase that weighs 8kg

International flight: A suitcase that weighs 10kg

The dimensions of cabin baggage must be less than or equal to 115cm, including 35cm in length, 25cm in width and 55cm in height.

Another item (bag) can be taken with you in the cabin weighing 3kg and measuring 85cm in the following form: (40X30X15) cm.

During the security check, if the agent discovers that the weight of your baggage is not compatible with the transport rules of Aerolineas Argentinas, you risk seeing your baggage going to the hold, and more, you have to pay extra cost to transport it.

Checked Baggage: What are the regulations of the Latin American airline?

Things are different when you carry checked baggage. The number and weight of your luggage depends mainly on your itinerary and your booking price:

Domestic Flight Regional Flight

International Flight


/ / /



One (15kg)


/ /


One (20kg) One (23kg)

Flex/Air shuttle

Two (20kg/piece)

Two (23kg/piece)

Premium Economy

Two (15kg/piece) Two (20kg/piece)

Three (23kg/piece)

Business    Does not exist Does not exist

Three (23kg/piece)


Unlike infants, children traveling on their parents’ laps have a baggage allowance similar to that offered to adults.

It is possible to improve this weight. The passenger can purchase additional baggage to carry up to 23kg in the hold.

Inflate your baggage allowance: Flying with extra baggage

Traveling with additional baggage on board the aircraft is subject to charges, the amount of which varies per piece of baggage and according to the added weight, and must be declared at check-in or before boarding.

It is indeed possible to buy these supplements online and save on the prices that are more expensive at the airports.

Prepare your luggage for an Aerolineas Argentinas flight

Before you start packing, confirm with your airline how many pounds you can carry, as well as the dimensions of your suitcases (see information above). It’s the best way to start preparing your luggage for the flight and avoid last-minute surprises.

  • Prepare your hand and checked baggage

Take into account the dimensions and weight allowed by the airline, start putting the most important or fragile things in your hand luggage: cameras, glasses, telephones. Confirm with the airline which items you cannot carry in this baggage.

Take the flight time into account and prepare a piece of hand luggage in which you have access to any things you may need during flight hours.

It is strongly advised that you be as practical as possible and that you throw away all that is useless, all that will not serve you in your destiny. Remember that you are going on a trip and you will have to do without some things that you use every day.

Be vigilant and limit your luggage when choosing clothes. Look at the destination you are going to and the possibility of washing clothes or buying something in case you need it. Don’t load up with clothes you aren’t going to use and won’t serve you.

Fold your clothes so that each piece of clothing takes up little space and you can put a lot of things in your suitcase, this is the only way to make the most of your luggage and be able to fit everything you need.

In your checked baggage, once you know how much weight you can carry, you can start packing your suitcase. Always try to leave only what won’t break and what you don’t need in flight. If you have to carry something that could deteriorate or break, try mixing it with your clothes so it doesn’t break.

Never carry anything that is prohibited from being airlifted (such as sharp tools or other dangerous items), you may miss your flight and get in trouble. Check well before packing with the airline. They will let you know what you can take and what not.

Which suitcase to travel on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight?

Choosing the travel suitcase is a personal task that must be done with a clear conscience to avoid any kind of problem in the future.

The choice of suitcase for a trip on flights served by Aerolineas Argentinas must take into account certain issues, among which the following stand out:

– The bags should be as light as possible, as this will allow for a higher range of malleability and will also allow for more luggage without any effort. Carrying heavy bags will make the trip more difficult and transfers from the airport to the destination will be uncomfortable.

– The material with which the suitcase has been made will extend its durability over time or will simply be a product to be used on certain occasions and its deterioration is noticeable.

– Suitcase wheels should be included and be of high quality. When the wheels are made of a fragile material, they tend to break easily and cause discomfort during use. Nobody wants a suitcase that breaks in the middle of the airport, when the final destination has not yet been reached. Ideally, the wheels should be two fixed rear wheels, which usually spin on their own axis and make it easier to transfer luggage.

– The size of the suitcase should be standard, neither too big nor too small. It should be a piece of luggage that allows you to store the most basic travel items, so that the route is as comfortable as possible. Consider that once you arrive at your destination you will have to move your suitcase with you to the predestined place and with a large suitcase it can be quite an adventure.

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